1. I have a little brother g19 build too, but went with fluted barrel instead of the compensated one.

  2. I have to ask. How’s the milling on the ZP slide? I’m wondering if it’s as terrible as the milling on my Florida man slide since they are supposedly from the same place.

  3. Hey been looking for someone who purchased from. “FLORIDA MAN. “” I did two slides as well They are sitting in workshop no time yet . Please are they good or bad slides. All Upper Kit as well. Let me know Thanks advance

  4. I haven’t taken mine to the range yet, I’m hoping to this weekend. I will say that the UPK went together surprisingly easy.

  5. I know my 2016 Colorado v6 will do 0-60 in right about 6 seconds, and, is exactly as fast as a v6 charger until the speed limiter comes on lmao.

  6. Super unfortunately not. Would love one myself.

  7. Interestingly, this is exactly how my pizza arrived to my house on Saturday night.

  8. I don't know what I'm even looking at here. I think I may have had a seizure.

  9. It’s like one of those pictures that are made to show how people with Alzheimer’s perceive things.

  10. Psl’s are fun but not that great for rapid fire as the barrel heats up and warps. I suggest getting into 5.45

  11. Our homicide rate is much lower than yours. You hear about our reports on stabbings and acid attacks because it's big news to us - it's very infrequent. We hear about your mass shootings because it's a day that ends in "y".

  12. I really need to find one of these for sale. They’re very cool.

  13. Bro dont even get me started on my experience with dead air... if you want ill post my whole story right here

  14. Hell yeah straighten that mf out, matter a fact, bend it the other way.

  15. Let’s not get long range guys involved with this. But you’re correct.

  16. I’ve noticed that if I manually drop a round into the chamber and drop the slide, then insert the full mag this problem doesn’t occur.

  17. Would be most tender in sous vide at 132° for 22 hours

  18. that’s how I roll, why waste money on irons when there are substantially better options out there

  19. Visible lasers do not fall into the “substantially better options.”

  20. because any of us are long snipers concerned with giving away position? if you’re involved in a self defense situation the bad guy already knows you’re there

  21. Because you’ll lose the sight of the dot on a ton of different fabrics.

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