1. Not wawa but circle K for me and they are hot. I got a retail exclusive blue parallel wander base rc

  2. If y'all had a decent stadium I could understand playing a few games over there every year but the team shouldn't ever move to Orlando

  3. As long as they don't make the same mistake as last time playing them down at the wide world of sports... They just built a new soccer stadium downtown literally next door to the old one

  4. Sunday funday starts early so yeah by 6 u can go home drunk and be up for work tm

  5. First one looks like quartz with a thin (natural) coating of iron oxides.

  6. Thanks for the help. The piece not pictured is a larger more tradition looking "citrine" cluster yeah. I've just never seen one so dark and small like the one in the second pic.

  7. Love it the colors on the rig are awesome. The pendant is super cool too

  8. There's a place called Johnny's filling Station I've heard is decent but I've never been, I think they'd have the game but I'm not certain.

  9. Johnny's kills it I was just there on Thursday night. It's two separate bars, one more open for music but also has lots of TVs and the other side is more traditional bar with pool tables and TVs so both should have the games on.

  10. I did this my boys and I just completely took the outer door off the frame and hoped my dad wouldn't notice. He did right away.

  11. Tisk tisk not a good look for a public pool if they didn't close it. The CPO in charge will get in trouble. If they are this bad they prob don't even have the main drain valve open or know how to change things like that. Most hotels go cheap on pool care and hire unlicensed guys.

  12. Something to run from Altamonte to east Orlando so I don't have to drive 15 min south to drive 15 min east

  13. It was cool when they first did it for the baseball team we had back in the 2000's

  14. Don't play much anymore but I wore that website out when I did, appreciate you

  15. Headed to ORL today and wanted to see what the community considers the best LCS in Orlando. Have some time while I’m there to do some hobbying!

  16. Idk about best, but the only one I go to is in East Orlando near Full Sail college main campus called game time cards. There's several in the area tho

  17. Stoked to see this thing in the wild I'll keep my eyes open. A still of this car was posted to shitty car mods sub yesterday it's worth a look. The longer you stare the more Easter eggs you'll find.

  18. If it helps the more surface area of the drain the less "sucking" in of water you would actually feel. That's why they are so big as opposed to a small opening forcing all the water through.

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