1. Waddle flawless Edit freiermuth rpa is hot too what u asking for both

  2. I do be feelin like wander shit is overpriced this is coming from a rays fan. People can't even fill the stands yet his 2022 chrome wave cards fetch a grand or more wtf

  3. Before or after wander… tampa isn’t a baseball town whatsoever.

  4. I'm just saying they aren't a big market team like yanks so not sure who's commanding these prices. They don't even mention him on sports center. Arron Judge on the other hand I get it.

  5. It's like one of those metal credit cards lol I would carry it in my wallet and try buying groceries with him

  6. Epic meal time guy has really fallen on hard times

  7. I'm glad my shitty subdivision has buried power lines, but I doubt it will make a difference.

  8. I was living in Seminole County during Irma was it that hit like right on 9/11 anyway they said we had buried power and not only did we loose power the afternoon before the storm hit, but we were out for 6 days following that.

  9. Gus bus really changed up how ucf operates as a team and I don't think its working. Back to the 60 yard bombs and 50 point games.

  10. This happens daily at my work right in the fire lane

  11. Amazing. And a UCF Knight what a good pull.

  12. Siri on offense has been an enormous surprise. We needed a KK replacement and he has shown up and more

  13. Quickly became one of my favorite rays players he's unreal

  14. Same generic gasket w/o the Honda bag .89

  15. Ive got the same one! Pulled it myself, easily one of my favorites already love the color match

  16. Not sure if you want the gold/rainbow foil, but I have both of those for ya!

  17. Lmk about the gold not sure if I've seen it before

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