1. I think it's the revolver with the sniper scope for me

  2. So… should I invest in stocks, gold, crypto, or bottle caps?

  3. I'm gonna still be hungry starter pack

  4. That orange sonic is sick I need to start working on that set for arozarena

  5. Awesome find all my drawer turns up are missing socks

  6. The specific player will put on literally 50 of the same jersey on at like a signing event for five seconds then take them all off so tops can say player worn

  7. Absolute savage Sandoval crossing his arms was funny

  8. Too many yt ppl crystal never even seen a fight before had to get a few licks in lmao

  9. You can filter ebay results by "sold" to see what an item recently sold for

  10. Those Immaculate jumbo patches are always so cool good stuff

  11. Why is rent so high in *circles all of greater Orlando *

  12. Maybe now I can watch the Rays games in Orlando without them being blacked out Edit: sorry I got mixed up and forgot what sub I was on. Afaik I can get all the lightning games in Orlando with bally no blackout issues.

  13. Where u gonna be irl that doesn't allow you to reference something. I wouldn't even trust a top doc to say some shit off the dome

  14. Thats sick I have the base paper auto of the first one such a cool pic

  15. They need to start doing this with chik fil a's

  16. Gotta be the Macy's parade Santa and be sure to get a pic for authentication

  17. Oil 5-7 days. Used to smoke a gram of bud a day in conjunction with that tho. Not anymore just oil for me now.

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