Epic showdown between a latino family and racist one.

I'm in this with you.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Whaaaaaaaat!!!!?? 😳😳 So, you’re just putting the dab on top/into the pearls? This is unreal! 🙌🏽

  2. Yeah it works great, and it’s self-cleaning

  3. Ohh I never even thought about that, keeps your herb from getting fried and your dab still gets cooked. Good thinking, cheers!

  4. Putting your dab on top of the herb in the bowl works, but it’s a much lower temperature dab that way. Tasty, but hits a whole lot harder when you put it in the balls through the air holes, much closer to coil temperature that way, and unless it’s rosin I like my dabs in the 600s.

  5. Thank you for the recommendation, I will look in the store list for the mentioned accessoires!

  6. I don't think they have drop-downs, but they do have pass-throughs and a new bowl/pass-through combination which is really nice and costs the same as a regular bowl. You can get drop-downs at almost any place that sells bongs online, including dhgate or aliexpress, and probably your local bong-selling headshop.

  7. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am wondering whether a drop-down would be beneficial for the glass piece that I use? I wonder whether it would fit my glass piece at all. I use this one:

  8. That’s actually a tricky one to find an adapter for. I have that one, but I can’t really recommend it for ball Vapes

  9. Thanks for the comments/advice. Seems like the Lite will better serve me than the XL, but if the 2.0 is available that will be my first preference.

  10. The housing might be "lite" but the hits sure aren't. I'm going to post a Taroma Lite video in a few minutes.

  11. You’re much better off with the Lite for that. There’s nothing “worse” about exposed coils.

  12. Imagine actually giving a fuck about what a shitty rapper has to say.

  13. What is the proper name for that piece with the carb on it?

  14. Hey have you tried one of the new multipurpose bowls yet? I’m curious to see how they perform with the QXL

  15. That guitar deserves an old DeArmond. Classic sound, classic look.

  16. I turned 55YO last week. I could write a large book about things that I've learned in my lifetime. I could devote an entire chapter to "Do Not Fuck With Samoans". Samoans are really nice, sweet and lovable people...until you piss them off... Then they are large, freakishly strong and probably the fastest people (for their body size) on the planet. Picking a fight with a Samoan rarely ends in a positive outcome for anyone other than the Samoan.

  17. Can confirm. The Samoan folks I know are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, but the “warrior gene” is strong in those guys. Do not fuck around with Samoans.

  18. Ive actually never smoked a bong and have very little knowledge and was wondering why the mouth piece is always circular like that. Why not like a straw just super curious

  19. You wouldn’t get nearly that much airflow with a straw

  20. What is that bowl piece you use? I see you vaporize both concentrates & flower in it and it just fascinates me. How does it work?

  21. It’s just a normal glass bowl for herb. The concentrates go into the vaporizer itself.

  22. Takes a lot of breath to holler Ike that for 4 solid minutes.

  23. Enraged fats in SUVs with the fighting ability of toddlers? Why yes

  24. Also I didn’t ask how can I salvage my broken piece? Are any of you guys really using a glued together bowl on pretty much the highest end setup around? Would be nice to have alternatives to cheap Chinese glass

  25. Are you damaged or something? I’m a customer just like everyone else. 😂

  26. I don't care if my stethoscope is cold, you're being mad disrespectful.

  27. He’s one “get the fuck off my property” away from having a stroke 😂

  28. Robert Nighthawk “Bricks In My Pillow” is essential listening. Also: any collection of Eddie Taylor’s 50s recordings on VeeJay Records (there are a few available).

  29. HOLY SHIT!! DAMN That is HEAVY.. And the BXL is heavier than the TXL.. That is a lot of weight .. Now I see why you say it doubles as an Anchor!!! lol I think for now I'm going to run with my original plan sticking with the 3 XL bowls .. I want to wait for you to play with that one a little bit and see how much Glass you burn thru to see if it is as many pieces as the bowls you vape!!! LOL

  30. If you go on Ritual’s website they give all the weights for the different bowls and housings! If I recall correctly the Staroma stuff is on par with the brass, weight-wise.

  31. on the expansion I agree that's what makes me wonder if the brass Bowl will also expand since it heats up so fast .. it would be important not to leave it on to long .. since it heats up so fast you probably don't have to heat soak it much if any? is that thought, correct?

  32. Yup, VERY fast heat-up and it stays hot for an hour lol

  33. Then in 3rd and 4th? I thought the staroma heads would taste better than Taromas. Does the ceramic taste better than the stainless steel?

  34. I don’t have any of the steel ones so I couldn’t tell you.

  35. Simply amazing. I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to

  36. Mimicking the vocal mannerisms of the single mom who raised him.

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