[I drew] Octane with fast friends

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I needed this today

  1. Make it 3, and we'll call it even. It's pretty late here, so the auction will have to wait until another time, but I'll keep her in my garage in the meantime.

  2. Bait 801 rr. I’ve climbed mount chiliad more times than I can count with that bike

  3. Isn't this the plot of "The End Of The Whole Mess"?

  4. Exactly what I was thinking! That’s one of my favorite of Stephen King’s short stories!

  5. Jesus Christ, that is beyond fucked up. That is probably the worst thing you can do without killing someone.

  6. I don't mind the older stuff like Cash and Nelson, the new stuff all sounds the same with shallow as fuck lyrics (trucks, tan girls, and beer) or cringy nationalistic shit about America.

  7. Check out Tyler Childers. Modern country singer, great music, and not at all like most modern country singers. Also check out drive by truckers. They are incredibly based, and great band as well.

  8. God this is like, right up my alley. I definitely have a special interest in military aircraft, mainly stealth planes and bombers, like the b2 and sr-71 blackbird. Have these aircrafts been used to commit atrocities? A resounding yes. Do I still find myself constantly rereading their Wikipedia articles? Also yes.

  9. This can only be interpreted this way by repeated self injury to the brain.

  10. Cursedness aside, what is the name of this song? It’s been stuck in my head for the past few days and I can’t seem to find it.

  11. The song is HIP x COOL (J.S. Rock mix) by Sashko Naganuma

  12. God when I first saw this I genuinely thought it was an onion article. What the fuck.

  13. It's feminine to not be constantly enraged 24/7, thats why men should only wear angry colors like red, or black, or silver /s

  14. Actually Nike does have different color ways and designed exclusively for women, designed by women. So this guy isn’t saying that the colors are girly, but that the design was made for women

  15. They’re even doing this crap on their ELECTRIC CARS too, which makes even less sense

  16. Sounds like something that was meant to be fixed but update 9 hasn't eliminated entirely.

  17. Haven’t tried that, but I will when I can. I’m at work rn and will update when I get home.

  18. The first thing I thought when I saw this is “is that Dennis raider?!” Was about to comment on it as well.

  19. I’m surprised they didn’t put you in a cast. I had a similar type of surgery on my foot to correct a club foot when I was a child and I was in a cast for a few weeks.

  20. It was in a cast already for two weeks after the surgery, this was taken at the doctors office when they cut it off to inspect and remove stitches, it’s back in a cast currently for another three weeks

  21. Oh they did the same for me. They’d take the cast off, have me walk around some to make sure everything was smooth, and then re-cast my foot.

  22. Fish robot dog, fish with the legssss

  23. Honestly tho the stromberg does have the advantage of NOT HAVING A GLASS ROOF THAT CAN BE SHOT THROUGH WITH A SINGLE SHOT. I s2g that Cayo perico heist prep where you have to steal that sonar thingy from merryweather was specifically designed against the toreador, because every time I finally got the device and exited the sub, swam back to my toreador, and tried to get away, those helicopters would just hover over me and instantly kill me.

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