1. Great Lego model. It would be nice if he had a pizza time theatre stand, for him to be displayed in.

  2. This looks like if ignited Freddy was a twisted animatronic, in a semi realistic style.

  3. Great model, it's nice to see you do it in your own style instead of trying to replicate the original model

  4. I used to think that the twisted animatronics were an upgraded version of the nightmare animatronics

  5. I like the fact that the funtime cluster is a mix between Ennard and Molten Freddy.

  6. Great artwork, I like the fact that mangle's like an amalgamation of the four animatronics

  7. That's an amazing model of toy Freddy Popgoes evergreen has for it's game, and I think this will be my new sleep paralysis demon.

  8. I like how much effort put into these artworks, and the fact that you've redesigned them in your own style

  9. Great artwork, it's nice to see two different versions of themselves. Withered and classic

  10. How does this officer not acknowledge the fact that Michael's a living purple corpse

  11. Great model, I like the effort put into this. You could probably hang it on you wall like how fnaf 3 did it.

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