1. I’m feeling tired rn, but I’m down for later. My username is Superslowmojoe (just started transitioning so idk what my new username will be lmao)

  2. I did mine yesterday and I really like them, looks so awesome ^^

  3. CONGRATS!!! I will take ANY baby step and be happy and proud! From experience, another small step but still sorta a big step, get some mascara, put it on, and go out. It’s a couple of successes and feel-goods:

  4. Also I already wear a bit of jewelry lol. Tbf it could be considered male jewelry (a bracelet that’s a bit of leather with a metal infinity, and a necklace with a blue onyx). Guess that means I’m one step closer!

  5. Yeah, I looked over it and you might find some things frustrating. The races and spells have not been particularly well balanced, definitely not against what is available in other official material and sometimes not against each other. That doesn't mean you won't have fun, but do be wary about it. Spellcasting itself has been overhauled quite a bit, so it is a bit difficult to tell compared to a normal game, but do keep that in mind.

  6. Appreciate it, I’ll nerf stuff if I feel like it’s broken

  7. Don't live in the US but ill try to detail how I'm doing things, r/ asktransgender might be of a better help for you

  8. I’m already seeing a therapist for other things, and she would definitely be accepting of the new me. Appreciate the help

  9. Some examples of signs that I might’ve been a woman all along:

  10. This provides room for character growth and evolution. Maybe your character sticks with your party out of necessity at first, and through that experience learns to appreciate and prioritize them as well. Chaotic neutral is not chaotic evil, nor are you beholden to your alignment. I view alignment as more of a helpful guide when building a character and making some decisions, but I don't think it does or should rule everything your character does. Also, the search for your parents seems to demonstrate to me a hidden desire for belonging and acceptance. Maybe your character has prioritized themself above all others this far in life as a defense mechanism that is now getting in the way of that secret desire.

  11. That’s really helpful! There was actually a monster that we faced at the end of my last session that would have really shaken up my character. My character doesn’t know this, but it’s a red slime thing that steals the faces of creatures it consumes and it can very convincingly copy the creatures it consumed. Before it attacked us, it took on the form of my mother to draw us closer, so maybe after the fight I do some self-reflection and become a little less selfless

  12. You can use "the ends justify the means" in an anti-hero kind of way. Like you will do good deeds, and help the party defeat the bad guys, because you personally are profiting from it and getting more powerful. After you beat the villain, you can describe how your character goes on to become the leader of a shifty rogue guild or something. That's long term.

  13. I’m adventuring to find information about my parents who mysteriously disappeared when I was young. I’m chaotic neutral because I distanced myself from caring for other people to cope with the pain of suddenly losing my parents

  14. I also find it interesting that Aztromick, despite not getting as much praise as players like Lostt or yanxnz, has managed to stay at the top of SAM, and is the only SAM player to be at both Fall Majors

  15. You make some good points, but I rather put up Yan than Trk. Even without gamers8, his overall placements are atleast as good as trks, if not better (depends on how much you value a 2nd place at LAN). But I think Yan brought more to his team than Trk did, like the offense firepower he showed was out of this world and rightfully made him the best player in the world in many peoples mind. Obviously trk also had huge value for his team but I also feel like he had slightly better mates for most of the year and was less polarizing than Yan.

  16. Yeah, that makes sense. Tbh I originally was gonna say yanxnz instead of trk, but for some reason I felt like trk made more sense, but I completely forgot about gamers8

  17. It was almost worlds this past year, if the grand finals wasn’t such a let down compared to the quarter rounds it would’ve been the goat.

  18. I agree that the finals were a letdown. I was there at Dallas, and I remember telling my friend after the moist v Furia match “if that was a quarter final imagine how hype the final will be” 💀

  19. I have no evidence to back this up, but I think luminosity will go far in this tournament

  20. Jack is probably my new favorite player. Not only for his on field work, but his off field too. Hope he continues doing well. He's a good representative for the game.

  21. He’s been my favorite ever since I started watching RLCS in Season X. Genuinely one of the best personalities in the scene, and it’s great seeing him dominate after making a big gamble in going to NA

  22. Maybe I’m just bad and value stats too much, but he had lowest score per game, lowest saves per game, and lowest octane rating on The Club at worlds. I remember thinking he looked shaky on the eye test, too, but I don’t remember the games super well

  23. I agree. I was in Dallas at worlds, and Lostt seemed to be the best on LAN

  24. I can make you do a lot more than giggle if you give us a chance

  25. SSA seriously need a spot at majors. Idk why they don’t have one

  26. But seriously, I do want to say to every zoomer on this sub who came out to vote, sincerely, thank you for caring more than the millennials did at your age - coming from a millennial.

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