1. That explains why I’m getting such great games today, just got a full lobby on The Giant and we made it to Round 44 before getting disconnected

  2. Apart from what’s already been said, I’d say the forces ability to show visions of the future could be the specialist equivalent to the force.

  3. Schnauzer’s are the dog broom hybrid. Whenever mine drinks water from his bowl, his beard becomes a mop.

  4. Breakups are hard, time allows for it to become easier. What you do in-between now and then, decides on when and how things become better.

  5. I can see the appeal of Ng4 but I’d play Bf2+ since the line looks fun.

  6. Black could then play Bxg4 for free as it’d force White’s Queen to relocate. Just not too sure on what to play as Black if White were to offer a Queen trade with Qd2, I’m sure it’d be best to decline the offer and relocate Blacks Queen. At least with Blacks Bishop now developed, if White were to play Nd5, it’d be a move too slow to fork Blacks King and Rook. Castling Queenside would then be the option I’d go for, the whole reasoning behind Bxg4.

  7. As a 1997 Zoomer, I feel bad for all the flack you Millennials get🥲

  8. One thing I’ve always been confused by, is how do we make a rotating section of the craft that is airtight at the point it meets non-rotating sections? Is the entire rotating portion just encased, contiguous with the rest of the hull? Only solution I can think of but it would be very bulky…

  9. Not sure if it’s the best solution or it would even work, but I imagine having a ring shaped ship that spins. Located at the center of this ring could be another part of the ship, connected to the outer ring means everything still spins. But the center area could act as a housing that contains another spinning section of the space craft. The outer ring, along with the center encased housing would spin in one direction. Within the encased area, could be a large space that spins counter to the direction of the outer ring.

  10. When the user maintains a state of Zetsu, all forms of awareness of the user is temporarily absent from the minds of all other consciousness. However anyone or anything that makes visual contact of the user will retain awareness of the user, so long as the user remains in their field of view.

  11. Next they’ll censor “man” in the word “woman”. I’m sure this was either scripted for attention or just a troll acting out. German’s are people, no gender associated with their nationality. Like the word mankind, or just the word man honestly. Technically, we all makeup mankind therefore we’re all “man” as far as being human goes.

  12. I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

  13. The Bot and StockFish both seem to have a thing for Qb8+, I believe it’s mate in 16 so there’s a faster solution.

  14. For those who don’t wanna math, final tally was a win by 2

  15. Reaper missed but I had an Iron Maiden in hand since Round 4 turn 3. It had hit each turn of Round 5 while applying bonus power to significant cards I had played.

  16. Great skill, but considering you're an emitter, casting a room which casting is your worst category and still transporting your consciousness might be a bit unnecessary and will waste a lot of aura, you could just manipulate yourself to achieve everything you've described, from forget until you remember everything when you use it.

  17. Didn’t want to label it as a Specialist, since there’s plenty enough out there but I can see where this Hatsu may stretch some limitations. I figured with the limitations the user has to undergo from starving, not sleeping, and all that, while suffering a horrific outcome unbeknownst to them, would allow their Nen to make the best use of the user’s Conjuration affinity.

  18. My first submission hear, hope you like 👁👄👁

  19. I know! I need to get my hands on that asap. I’ve so far swapped out Sandwich Theory and Disco Ball for The Door To Hell and Looking Glass Rock.

  20. Mind Sharing that Deck? Hitting 1k in Round 3 is kinda impressiv to me


  22. Thx for the deck !! I made it and went from katana to dragon and lost just one time. My highest was 790.

  23. I’m 25 and only now has my dad gotten use to accepting hugs from me. I know he was raised around the mindset that men shouldn’t show as much affection towards their son, for whatever reason but it should be more acceptable.

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