1. Cool implementation, boring workflow in my opinion, that's like literally asking your mate to create the game for you

  2. Context: He played Jumanji and got the text: " On my bike, I took a ride, But soon it turned, and took a side, A sinister force, it hunted me down, I pedaled fast, but couldn't escape its frown. "

  3. Are you like around 30? I think it's around this age that everyone just leaves you, moves away, marries someones and just forget about you. All you have at this point is like the people you see at work, but if you work remotely then that's a no go either. Exceptions are the people with social skills who can easily talk to anyone.

  4. Yeah, I’m 35. I’ve known this would kinda happen. Just feel far worse than expected. Truth is Covid sorta pressure cooker me further into this isolation.

  5. I am totally isolated as well, I work as a programmer, working from home. I have been alone for many years now and some days are worse but I don't feel so much pain from loneliness anymore, or at least it's rare now. I started going to the gym, I have a goal to do 10 pull ups and also an L-sit. It's like the only time I go out and see humans, aside from occasionally visiting my parents, like once a month. I am very comfortable with being alone but loneliness does creep in and it can hurt

  6. It does hurt extremely much sometimes but ending your life because you're feeling lonely is a huge mistake. Trust me, however bad your life right now, you will thank me years down the line.

  7. I don't like at all because there are no clues. Does this mean you now have to push every rock to check?

  8. Dude, this is for game development, not for videos taken in real life ;)

  9. There are girls that prefer guys like that too man, maybe be harder to find but all traits/types are wanted

  10. I have had 2 girls that said to me that they like that I am feminine, I don't really like that statement but it's good that they do then :)

  11. If we didn’t knock on doors I’m curious how favorable we would be

  12. Should be said if it's about supporting their message or just having nothing against a group. Because viewing atheists favorably could otherwise mean that we like that they don't believe... which is wrong

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