1. Just a heads up that this is removed. Nothing wrong with it, but when we have duplicate posts we tend to remove the older ones so we don't split conversations. This post:

  2. Hey, That post asks if Jesus suffered for some or all pains in our life and why it was necessary, my post ask how it's possible for Jesus to even suffer for all pains, it's the same topic but the answers are to different questions?

  3. 25000 ??? I m curious what makes you think this is worth 25000, please explain in detail.

  4. I have been wanting to travel there for a while now, I like their culture and pokemon and anime and stuff, I am a weeb I guess

  5. I am sorry :( Do you go to the gym? It's good to get out and be around people if you're all isolated like me

  6. You don't see these bullies still do you? I feel it's much easier to let go of things people have done to you if you don't care about them, it's harder to just ignore and move on from evil things friends have done to you, then you need to talk with them since they will listen to sense. I think talking to a psychologist would be of great help to you as it has helped me too.

  7. Go up to her, kiss her hand, and say "Hey I noticed that you looks like a queen guurl" and then puke on her desk, girls love that.

  8. In a couple of hours you are going to be safe at home. 👍

  9. Why will you be punished if you continue with your religion? Which religion teaches that?

  10. I mean punished to leave the religion after death if the religion is correct and God exists.

  11. What I have learned is that God doesn't want to punish us, he wants to give us all that he has but he cannot give it to someone who does not want to try to follow what he teaches. I have been told that on the day of judgement, it's our choice if we want to decline the good he has for us. Maybe you would wonder why someone would decline eternal joy - you can see it happening here on earth too, the same spirit we have when we leave this life is the same we have in the afterlife. That's what I think anyhow and I have no proof of any of this. And actually I have a really hard time following something that isn't backed up by concrete evidence but I try my best to think past that.

  12. Vill bara säga hur glad och varm i hjärtat jag blir av att läsa detta ❤️ (har själv Aspergers)

  13. An important thing to note here is his name because this was his opinion and it is not a fact. Robin Williams was awesome though.

  14. Audio record usage has nothing to do with parody.

  15. "A parody is fair use of a copyrighted work when it is a humorous form of social commentary and literary criticism in which one work imitates another". I guess that goes for literal rewriting of the lyrics of the song but if the song is just used in a parody video and it's not a parody of the song itself, it does not act under fair use of the song I guess.

  16. Or if I take an instrumental from someone and just sing over it, is this fair use (because parodies of someones work/song among other things go under fair use)? In this sense audio record usage and parodies is relavant with eachother?

  17. I just thought parody videos would go under fair use, but if I take an official instrumental and just cut the song in a few places and have it over my remade/re-edited parody video of someones I don't know if it can hold under fair use

  18. I don't think the personality of a intj is a deciding factor to what music a person prefers

  19. haha. your comment actually reminds me of the tip above. thaaaanks

  20. I looks awesome! (also, I am looking forward to your other game where you could buy custom hats for them and use them as pets)

  21. Yes, according to the internet. It's also easy to accept this thought because we want it to be true. But common sense speaks for that this is not true. However, if we are (and I believe we are) spiritual beings - there can be a chance that we are link to eachother in ways we don't understand...... :) Those are my thoughts about this.

  22. Hey, I think you should leave her a message and say how you felt and that she hurt you. I haven't read all of this but that does help a little, to show the real you.

  23. If you still want to give her a chance I would write her this: "I am sorry for all the mean things I sent to you and I regret it, I didn't really mean that I wasn't looking forward to meeting you, emotions got the best of me. In fact, I had been looking forward to our plans for so long and I got very sad to hear that we had to cancel." In case you still want to be friends... if you value the good times with her over the bad. I understand that it's very disappointing to hear that she cancelled on you once again but she was aware that she had cancelled on you twice and she said sorry for it, but yes, it may be that she puts others before you still. I would have instead replied with: "do you really want to hang out? If you don't just let me know" that is much less confronting but still show's how you feel. I think no one was the bigger person in this conversion. Maybe it's still up to see, who can set it right? I don't know how much she cares, I would just have less faith in her and invite her less often

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