1. Why diddnt he do his thumb to complete this disasterpeice 🤔

  2. Will people stop spreading the body mod/trans misinformation on this post and just read

  3. I'm sorry, I had no idea it was a condition she was suffering from. I used my best judgement and honestly thought it was a self-inflicted modification.

  4. It is, but I’m 99.9% certain this is a picture of a woman with lichen sclerosus. It’s a rare disease of the vaginal skin that basically causes all of the tissue to thin, then fuse together until all the folds/ etc are gone. It isn’t common, only about 200,000 people (men and women) in the US have it. The best indicator of it is the occurrence of white patches of skin (which that looks like one on the bottom left of the opening in the pic.) The skin becomes thin causing it to tear very easily, and is also very itchy. Over time, the skin fuses together so much that it all becomes smooth and it can even take your clit with it, because it is not immune to the fusing.

  5. I'm sorry for spreading misinformation. I honestly didn't know it was caused by a vaginal skin-condition. Sorry.. Now I feel bad.. :C

  6. Why is this so funny to me... god I a child still.

  7. I'm not a fan of eating pears but they have a good n interesting design. Especially those Buddha pears, those look so cool.

  8. Oh no! Th-that's my worst fear. Okay I'll tell you, I found it on a website called... gets shot by a tranquilizer dart in the arm kuso... faints (X.x)

  9. Hey it’s a baseball with a shrapnel effect, perfect weapon for large crowds.

  10. the Slomo Guys could do it, it'd be best to ask them. They make great videos.

  11. Nope it's not mine. It was created by an Italian artist. I bookmarked where I got it from and I'll get back to you when I can get back to my computer.

  12. I like to think of it more as anatomy of a woman getting eaten by a cat as a nuclear power plant exploded and fused the two together (don’t ask how, just roll with it!)

  13. I’m getting ready to head out too. This place actually used to be good. To bad the mods don’t do anything about it

  14. It'll be good for you. Take a walk around the block and feel the breeze of the wind.

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