1. The narrative that Biden FORCED an unhinged authoritarian to do ANYTHING is so dumb it’s not even worth reading the rest. Yet, republicans will parrot and feed to their little lemmings without thinking twice.

  2. Weird that seeing the video will begin the riots. I mean we already know what happened, the guy died. The idea of people just saying we’re going to riot when the video comes out is very strange to me.

  3. Jesus Christ can they just put the fucking video out already? I’m so sick of being told about it, just show us the god damn footage.

  4. Yeah according to the police report he was knocked unconscious by the blow and had blood pooling around his head.

  5. Republicans elect people like this, see how shit of a job they do, and go ya…. Sign me up for more of this! It’s like the blind leading the blind

  6. Does she still do the jailhouse visits for her traitor convict friends?

  7. 2 decades of fighting, trillions gone, thousands dead, billions of dollars worth of equipment left there...

  8. Are these the top 4 or people above them exist I'm fairly sure presidential jets would be even more

  9. i forgot about that one. i used to own a bar and that channel got added to my tv provider. i'm a big fan of hating on/laughing at $cientology, so i put it on a couple times on one of the tv's at my bar.

  10. If the rich want to pay more taxes, they can just write a check to the Department of Treasury. It takes donations.

  11. Well, therein lies the rub. The religous nuts aren't following the teachings in the Bible any more than the atheists are, so they'd also be left behind. Hell, the Rapture may have already happened and we're what's left.

  12. The only real housing crash happened because of bank fraud, liar loans and adjustable rates. Today's market has home owners sitting on 2.8% fixed rate loans. Big difference.

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