1. That is something, and temporary is fine. Drones seem impossible at first but they arent that bad once you know how to fight them.

  2. You can't stealth kill them in a game that focuses around stealth killing. That makes the drones more boring as enemy than those normal soldiers. Because there is just one way to deal with them and it is always loud one.

  3. This game isn’t focused around stealth killing, ghost recon has never been a stealth only game. Realistically, you don’t need to kill everything on sight when you’re playing covert, it’s actually the opposite of covert if you go around killing everything you see. You can avoid drones, avoid enemies, get whatever intel you need and go about your business without killing everything. That is true stealth, infiltrating with the least amount of killing.

  4. Still either way, not having an option to do discreetly deal with drones is a problem in a game that doesn't focus on just one aspect and forces you to... Focus on just one aspect.


  6. Bro that's not what I meant... I mean you're clearly thinking I'm against politics in game, but I'm not. Both games just have 2 mindblowing AIs who talk too much facts.

  7. Oh I wasn't talking about you mate. I was talking about the usual reaction to these things. Sorry if I was unclear.

  8. To be honest, these memes are fucking annoying. Makes me want to leave every single Star Wars group bc every single post is the same fucking thing

  9. "Andor good every Star Wars before it bad", yeah it does get pretty old.

  10. All other Star Wars good, Andor just happens to be the current darling

  11. Not according to these posts. It's like everything else is crap. Haha...

  12. unpopular opinion but all the field upgrades are complete shit except for: dead silence, ammo box, and trophy system

  13. People here talk like GMs are meant to pursue victory.

  14. Set aside the role of the ranger, become who you are meant to be.

  15. I love it. I love all makkara keittos. Even the one made of vegan products, was surprised how close it was to the real thing.

  16. So 75% of all warlock exotics. Most of the legs are just ugly pants

  17. Actually a Finnish soldier, but in his own

  18. I was wondering, because he has wrong gun and weird camo pattern, gear and... Everything is "wrong" about it.

  19. Good job. Rest of the game will be easy peasy.

  20. Bucky was a beast when he had the brainwashing. Once he became "good" he started getting his ass whooped by lesser fighters.

  21. Well in Finland you can't watch any Berserk legally, unless it is some import.

  22. I'm from Finland and I just watched the latest episode of memorial edition from crunchyroll? No vpn either.

  23. Oh yeah? Nice. Just shame it won't have finnish subtitles there.

  24. This sub is constantly at war with itself on being a purist sub or a critical sub of the sequels

  25. Because they had a different marketing team

  26. That's when you convert excess glimmer to an exotic ship or sparrow or Ghost shell which you can store in the Vault. I prefer the Platinum Starling dropship for the purpose.

  27. But it also makes oneshot slow firing kill weapons less viable. Especially if they don't always kill on hit. Like shotguns.

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