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  1. While you’re all busy with that, I’m wondering what the fuck happened to Via’s legs.

  2. Maybe it's 'cause I'm currently not in a relationship, but why are there so many videos of guys trying to kiss girls and failing?

  3. Tbf, the whole cleaning part of the video on the left shouldn't count since it makes that video much longer than it should be (since it's not like she always has to clean everything when getting into her car), which makes the comparison a little unfair

  4. Code Geass and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. No source readers to spoil the party helps a lot.

  5. Are there even any fandoms of source material-based anime that are kind enough to not spoil the anime-onlies?

  6. This is probably obvious, but I feel like Metal Gear Solid is the go-to example. Kojima is a filmmaker who can't help but make games.

  7. I remember there being a lot of scenes in Phantom Pain where the camera moved as if there was a cameraman holding it and following the characters

  8. It doesn't help that the art style is a really beautiful modern recreation of the art from the 60s

  9. But the game there is just, well, scavenging for supplies and strategizing how to kill people

  10. Hbomber's video was about an hour and thirty minutes long.

  11. Tim Rogers? I don't know that video game analysis Youtuber, I'll have to check him out

  12. Besides, blatantly opening up a cinematic universe in the first movie is a bad idea. Look at the “dark universe”.

  13. Thank God the reflection of the girl is crouching down instead of standing up as well

  14. imo the summoning system just makes it much easier to buddy up now so you don't have to solo everything

  15. I haven't played Elden Ring so, to clarfiy, the summoning system doesn't need the online subscription service (for consoles), right?

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