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  1. Looks like a filthy, racist, piece of excrement trying to be scary.

  2. Hey, I may be missing something. What part is the racist part. Is it the big red cross on it or another part. And if so, is the red part supposed to be some modified iron cross? That's the only thing I can see that could be racist.

  3. You can give the things you want it to remeber as prompts. I've seen chat bots which Mimic fictional characters this way.

  4. Is there a way to get something basic like that? Again, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just a blank slate and the capability to learn. I know it will take years until it's capable of much of anything but that doesn't matter

  5. You could grab some open source gpt and fine tune it.

  6. Guys who do this are so fucking weird. "Instead of teaching you how to find a good partner and have a healthy relationship, I'll threaten anyone who tries to talk to you and keep you all to myself. And you are going to know those are my plans from the start." Like bruh what the fuck.

  7. Typically, you want to use catapults on the ends of straight aways. Since the balls travel in straight lines and can smash multiple bloons. And you typically don't need that many moab missiles. Personally, I've found that the cannons upgraded to 4-2 are much better used due to the AOE stun. You can keep most bloons trapped at the start to be shredded by other towers. And for moabs, the bloon chipper upgraded to 2-4 (I believe, I'm not in front of the game) is much better for clearing moabs and zeplines as they can suck in the whole thing multiple times on top of other towers being able to attack it when it gets spit out before it gets sucked back in. I'd use things like monkey wizard with the lightning upgrade and a 4-2 ninja monkey to deal with base bloons as their decent damage and they travel along the path. I'm sure you can get it from there! Good luck

  8. I do want to inject one more cool thing I've found (I've been playing 5 for YEARS and it took me till this past couple months to figure out) if you take an ice monkey, find tight corners or u-turns and upgrade it to 2-3, and then place another ice monkey behind it and 3-2 it, it will act as practically a brick wall for everything but camos and white bloons. Though camos can be handled with a meerkat or a village (which can be upgraded to make the 2-3 tower freeze WAY faster, making it even harder for bloons to pass) and throwing a bloon chipper in there (making sure the bend is as within the towers range) you can make bends and U-turns near impenetrable choke points up to late rounds.

  9. So I came back and wanted to thank you. For whatever reason the oculus option stopped appearing on startup so I forced it in the console like you said. I've now been able to play my steam games over wifi with minimal lag and minimal tinkering. Thank you!

  10. I'm trying to figure out my performance issues, what is quest mode?

  11. When I boot off of steam it gives me the option to boot in oculus mode or steam vr mode. I typically boot off of oculus mode.

  12. Try for casting a disabled individual first. They will understand the pain of losing a body part and could give you a FAR better characterization of the pain and struggle such an event can cause. If you find someone who is disabled and can play the character well enough, talk to them and figure out in an honest and straightforward way what they believe the extent of their capabilities are. If they can use a prosthetic for the filming of the early seasons and with camera/editing magic, I really do not think you could get much better in terms of how that role (especially that big moment) can be portrayed accurately. Just be sure that you communicate as extensively as possible with said actor to be sure things are as accurate as possible on an emotional level (Ala the casting of Lost) But yeah if you can't find anyone that fits the bill, go for the green screen. Though I would still have said actor and at least 1 of the writers sit down and have some conversations with some disabled individuals to understand as much as possible.

  13. WAYYYY less food. You can take the food off the knife and stack chunks that weight WAAAYYY less than keeping the cans. Also I would grind healing artifacts. They are slower, but heal at least 3 Stims worth per artifact (I believe) I don't know what difficulty you are on but I would bring some smoke grenades with you. The rooms and hallways are tighter and the smokes can give you ample time to clear rooms without the worry of being fired on

  14. Look, I'm 32 and Gone is one of my favorite series. Pretty much all of my favorite series are YA books. If it's wrong, I dont wanna be right.

  15. Yeah, I'm on plague rn. And I've been listening to the books on audible. The narrator is FANTASTIC with expressing emotions and has helped me to be more immersed. Idk, the drugs and killing and torture I'm pretty numb to I guess. It's just the children having sex part that bothers me. But you are right, it is necessary for the development of the characters. I guess I'll just have to push past those parts of the story the best I can

  16. Oh great. I'm so happy to hear people are still finding this series. And even more that the narrator still gets love. He's easily the second best I've ever heard.

  17. Oh absolutely. Would you mind telling me who your first is? I'd love to discover more awesome voice actors. So far my favorite narrator is Alan Cumming, who read the leviathan series. Man's was juggling at least 8 different reagonal accents in different genders and ages and they all sounded SUPER good.

  18. If you have any grenades, you can use them to clear lightning anomalies.

  19. Flat Stanley really was a Trojan horse for this generation, huh

  20. They have worked for me and saved my ass at factory, zarya, and castle more times than I care to admit

  21. I made a joke about women on a post and it was a reply to a comment about women and my message got downvoted then deleted. People nowadays are soft

  22. There is a difference between being soft and telling someone they said something fucked. I'm sure if a lot of people told you it was a fucked up thing to say, it was probably a fucked up thing to say and you just don't want to take responsibility for it. Don't call people soft because they told you you did a bad. Pussy

  23. Spoken like someone who's never heard joke a day in their life

  24. The fuck lmao. The joke is just fucking weird. And it's valid criticism of the format and material. "Spoken like someone who's never heard a joke a day in their life" fuck out of here with that weak shit.

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