1. I was on it no more than 6 months and i got sick honestly after like every other injection and developed a terrible psoriasis on my hands and feet :(

  2. No point in going at all honestly absolutely no product is in the facility or for sale, its just a bunch of stickers and other bs.

  3. My husband and I both have this condition. But before him I had never let any partner see down there… I hid it. With him I was very open about it when it came time to start getting more serious and he revealed he has it too and since then it doesn’t bother either one of us.

  4. Do you guys have children? Did they develop Hs? Sorry to be nosy, im just scared one day down the line my child will have to suffer like i do ☹️

  5. Im 19 and just got surgery on my left armpit. I had three weeks with a wound vac then they took a skin graft from my leg. Ive seen ALOT of pics from armpit surgeries where they left the wound to just heal by itself, and i would absolutely NOT recommend that. In my opinion the scars from that surgery look terrible and some people loose the ability to extend their arm upwards (although im sure they have more mobility than before). Im just over 5 weeks since my first surgery and two weeks since my skin graft. Im more pain free than i have been in years. My armpit looks fucking great to me. Im so happy. I feel like i can do whatever i want with that arm now. Just counting down the days till my other arm 💜 please please find a surgeon that will only do a surgery with a skin graft!! 🙏🙏

  6. Im absolutely miserable in the heat, despite how bad i wanna enjoy it. My skin simply wont let me lol. Also swimming in ANY sort of body of water whether it a pool, lake, ocean, etc is the absolute worst thing i can do for my skin. Whenever i swim somewhere i pay the price for weeks after. Showers only for me :(

  7. Get the mighty+ for portability and a desktop flowerpot by cannabis hardware for the big bong rips. Ill never burn my flower ever again lol best taste and effects you’ll ever get outyour flower.

  8. Haven’t opened yet I have cannibinoid hypermesis so don’t know when I can hoping in morning god willing

  9. Then dont post a pic of the jars no one wants to see that! Post the pics of the bud

  10. I use it everyday in the shower wherever i have Hs i even wash 2X a day sometimes. Its a life saver for me and i would hate to go without it. Everyone ive seen warns you about not putting it on your face so I personally wont try it.

  11. This is my first time trying them and i have absolutely no regrets.

  12. Do they have a QR for the terp #'s or is that something Woodward doesn't include?

  13. Do you really think Ohio is better? I was thinking of trying Michigan's flower because everyone (well almost everyone LOL) says it's so much better and the edibles are way less $$.

  14. Yes lol my mom and aunt used to drive to Michigan every two weeks like clockwork for weed, wax, carts, and edibles and nothing compares to good ol klutch or something haha

  15. Im in the exact same boat as you. I just got surgery on my left armpit. Im 19 and im halfway through my surgery! I personally got a Integra graft sat on top to promote healing with a wound vac attached. Ive had this for 3 weeks, I get a skin graft from my leg tomorrow! My surgeon says he has a 90% success rate of the HS not returning. I have had one complication so far. My entire wound is covered with a saran wrap tape type of bandage because of the suction needed by the wound vac, and I developed a bad yeast infection underneath my bandages. Ive had my dressings changed under anesthesia at first twice a week then once a week since my initial surgery so im not sure how i couldve prevented this as they told me all this information while fucked up on anesthesia but the constant itching has been hell! Other than that the surgery site hasnt been too painful at all just my muscles in my entire arm is super sore. They prescribed me oxys for pain but i havent touched a single one.

  16. Im in Ohio with a medical card and it saves me on a daily.

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