AITA for kicking out my daughter after she kept complaining about our household?

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AITA for kicking a server out of my wedding?

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  1. My GenX cousin convinced my mentally failing grandparent to sign a bunch of their property valuing almost half the estate over to said cousin just before the grandparent died, thereby robbing half a dozen family members of their full share. There was so much illegal and/or unethical crap that went on before the death, after the death, and 4 years of court crap, all for nothing: cousin pretty got away with it.

  2. Is your cousin my stepsister? She pretty much did the exact same thing.

  3. Don't talk about it and tell them not to. If they insist, stay away and tell them why.

  4. I do this with my in-laws. Me, my fiancé, and BIL are the only non-Trumpers in that family and we steer clear of any political or religious conversations.

  5. You go to your OBGYN (let’s be real, uncertified midwife), urgent care or ER and admit defeat. You get a topical and apply as prescribed. You apologize to your butthole and vag.

  6. And also ask about your period! The OBGYN can look into it.

  7. Yup. My sister tried to tell me I don't have PTSD because only war veterans got it. I suffered from physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my parents and emotional abuse from a job I had. I still get nightmares about both.

  8. My baby's teeth were worse. Multiple cavities before she was even 2. By the time she was 6, she had 6 capped teeth, more fillings, and one was pulled. She was breast-fed, no juice or soda. Once we saw the first cavity when she was 20 months, we brushed her teeth literally after every meal with prescription toothpaste. She also had prescription vitamins for even more fluoride. Dental appointments every 3 months for cleaning, checks, and still more fluoride treatment. Cavaties still popped up all the time. Most of that was in hopes of growing better adult teeth, which is working out successfully. And I assure you, I had a healthy pregnancy where I ate very carefully.

  9. Genetics definitely plays a role. My mom had gum disease and awful teeth and now me and 4 of my 5 siblings have garbage teeth, with one having had all their teeth pulled in her thirties. Also doesn't help that our mom never really made us brush our teeth. According to her it was a struggle getting my two oldest siblings to brush and she gave up.

  10. "These pics make me feel like a bad mom". The medical neglect absolutely makes you a bad mother, the child deserves better.

  11. This sounds like someone I know only she's lazy, not crunchy.

  12. Also possible they just aren't able to find a bigger place. In my city it's nearly impossible to find any apartment at all regardless of price, let alone in the areas close to schools, workplaces. Etc.

  13. This is currently one of my relatives. They live in a 1 bedroom with 3 kids and a husband. It was all they could find at the time. And they still can't find anything bigger so they're stuck right now.

  14. OJ Simpson car chase. I was 6 and I was pissed my cartoons were interrupted for this.

  15. Was it store bought ranch though because that stuff is garbage. The restaurant ranch is 100x better.

  16. Hidden Valley is the best one you can pick up in the grocery store

  17. I remember when this was first posted, one of the other servers commented on it. Apparently the 'big flashy ring' was the girls engagement ring, the eyeliner was just normal eyeliner, and the clothes being too tight was cuz they fit her and she was curvy. Not anything overdone at all. He said all the staff was laughing their asses off in the backroom and the girl didn't get in trouble at all.

  18. She apparently shrunk her pants in the wash and hadn't been able to get new ones

  19. I'd like to know how old those banana pepper rings are because that font on the label looks late 90s-early 2000s.

  20. I don't understand why people take infants to places like Disney. My sister regularly goes to Disneyland often and has brought my youngest nephew since he himself was an infant. Her defense is that it's for the parents' memories. Okay but I'd much rather remember a vacation with my kids being old enough to actually enjoy the trip.

  21. I should do that with my bridesmaid dress. I've had it for three years when I was maid of honor and it's been stuck in the closet since.

  22. Why? Bridesmaid dress cannot be worn anywhere else, like in any other wedding or party? I'm not aware of Christian ceremonies very well, does the bridesmaids dress look different from other dresses?

  23. Well it's a dress I can never really wear in public again unless I want to be a pink bride.

  24. Peggy Hill resembles my mother-in-law so much and this solidifies it. She is JUST like Peggy when her team loses (especially her favorite college team).

  25. I'm grateful for my fiancé. He helped me pay for my braces and now I can finally smile. He's done so much for me and I am just bursting with gratitude for him!

  26. It’s a fine city, I just don’t think it’s as great as some Californians do. My city isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either

  27. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and I always thought it was overrated. Moved away a few years back.

  28. Less, and most of the times when people do hang out, it’s with the kids.

  29. Yeah I visit my BFF from out of town and in the past two years I have only come to the house and sat with the friend while her kids ran around the place. Last time I came over she spanked her toddler in front of me. Last time I ever go over there til her kids are older.

  30. This is one of my friends but she's a deadbeat mom. Her ex has been raising her daughters while she was living like a single childless person for years. Only she wasn't paying child support. Now the ex is finally going after her for all the child support she wasn't paying.

  31. 3x substitute teacher of the year award recipient

  32. Bruh I really do get tired of these people who wants to play house and dress up with a actually tiny human like it's a doll to play with, when in reality it will grow up and being part of society, and then they realize they can't dress them up like dolls anymore and the kid becomes more independent, they have the nerve to get p¡ssy about it, like yeah no sh¡t it's a human not doll cassie and dan, you irresponsibly brought a human into the world because you wanted a a doll to play with, and not the actual parenting and responsibility that comes with it, these stupid people man.

  33. I have nieces and nephews and I loved it when they became independent and started voicing their feelings and opinions. Because they're people.

  34. My friend's brother in law has 2 kids and does not say no to them. They're pretty wild kids.

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