1. First Captainsparklez and now Doug! So cool to see my favorite childhood youtubers attain the same dream car.

  2. Well deserved, he spent years working and it paid off. Hoping Carsandbids stays a marketplace for normal people as this buyout continues.

  3. I live in Maine and my landlord has been very lenient with rent increases. I'm definitely paying well below market value for my place, but I'm not complaining

  4. Nice, no state income tax either for you. I just paid off a 11k 0% 12 month account that had my emergency furnace and hot water heater replacement so I'm waiting a month or two so it reflects my credit history and then I'll apply for the venture x. I doubt they'll increase the sign up bonus back to 100k miles anyway.

  5. I was gonna buy this for forza but remembered they changed their release date to the end of the year lol.

  6. I mean I'm local too, but unless you sell the card for like $550, it's not worth the time and effort IMO especially with shipping costs, and then where's the deal then?

  7. That was adorable, thank you for the writeup. This is one of those stories that'll resonate with me for a very long time. I got really attached to these two in 20 minutes and the art style was really pretty. I could watch an entire season of this, man if only.

  8. Genius way to showcase the noodlestopper, stealing that idea. Sick setup!

  9. Water damage from tear in soft top. 5k no lowballs I know what I have.

  10. Yessss let's go! Finally I can record snaps without them being so zoomed. (z fold 2 unlocked)

  11. Same love them! I actually enjoy Left Right more than Shooting Star, but I love them both! Left Right has more RnB vibes. Same YT channel has the other single.

  12. I have a poorly lit dark driveway I’m trying to back into without hitting my other cars

  13. Those solar outdoor lights can get pretty bright and you can set them to run at low brightness, and go bright on movement. I bought a few on Amazon and put them along my driveway.

  14. Stock r33 gtr - wow this is slower than I expected and not how I expected it to sound. After I did a decat and an equal length downpipe, then I got the real RB sounds I expected.

  15. My NA might be reincarnated into a NB. I want to keep mines but I know logically it's better to let it go.(rust, needs a motor)

  16. Thanks! I bought it in Japan in 2018 and stored it for 2 years before importing it myself and then because it was early cvid in 2020, they couldn't deliver to the New York port near me, and instead I had to drive 5 hours down to Maryland port to pick it up and I drove the car back lol.

  17. Anyone have experience with something like this ? Would insurance just say yeah 1990s Toyota here’s $5k for your troubles? Or would they acknowledge it may be something worth a lot in the private market?

  18. It's agreed value so full payout in a total loss situation with an option to buyback the car. I asked to have my r33 gtr at $90k because market value is 70k and I showed receipts of 20k of mods. The underwriters got back to me an hour later saying okay.

  19. The UI is the only thing being copied, but the name can not. At the bottom of the site, prior to the shutdown, it did have the copyright symbol near the AniMixPlay name, which means the name was copyrighted by the original owners with the current year as well. If AniMixPlay did not have the copyright symbol at the bottom next to the current year at the time, then the name could be used.

  20. Right that's what I'm saying, the new .fun domain people need to change the name and honestly the logo too otherwise I feel like this will turn into a donation run and either a half assed site as they rake in donations, or an elaborate rug pull.

  21. Thanks for clearing this up and I agree, which is why the owner of the AniMixPlay subreddit and I had to remove any post or comment mentioning the .fun domain because it's a domain that is not normal like every other domain illegal anime sites use.

  22. Yeah only time I've used these weird domains is when go daddy has it cheap like 99 cents a year so I'll buy it and map it to my public IP so friends can easily connect to a game server I'm hosting at home like valheim lol.

  23. I would love to buy one of the LG OLED’s but I’m always worried about burn-in and image retention. Pretty much all the TV’s I have owned have lasted me 5+ years and have heard/read that OLED’s won’t.

  24. I have 2k hours on my 48 C1 which I use as a pc monitor with zero burn in or uniformity issues. For the basement I bought a used 65 CX that now has over 2k hours with no burn in. Now I have a new 83 c1 which I also have no fears for burn in.

  25. The PS5 version of The Last of Us is insanely good looking on my 83 C1. Even the ps4 version of part 2 looks great.

  26. Type RA stares in the distance menacingly

  27. I might have OP beat as I stare at my 20gb ide drive but my adapter is at work. I'd be so excited if I found the oldest version. Got an old 40 and 160gb sata drive too.

  28. Yeah I spent most of Saturday on this. I'm disappointed if the clicking IDE drive turns out to be the drive. I remember I had a bunch of runescape accounts because when I'd die, for some reason as a kid I used to make a new account because I thought that you permanently lose all your stuff.

  29. Ah nice, let me know if you decide to check today but if not I'll ask in a week or so!

  30. IDE drive is dead but I don't think its the one from my old pc. Going to keep looking. Going thru my other old hard drives too but most are probably too new post 2008.

  31. Ah that's a shame. Even if the files are from after 2008 they'd still be useful btw!

  32. When buying a Megasquirt ecu becomes literal

  33. Nice, let's see if this ships. Still waiting on an Amazon pre-order of a different category for 2 months.

  34. Considering the 65" C1 was nearly 1k black friday at best buy, I don't see why not. Due to shipping delays in the first half of the year and cvid, there was a ton of overstock which brought out huge deals black friday and even still the 2022 tv's were on decent discounts, with the 2021 ones on huge discounts (c1 vs c2 lineup for example).

  35. Update your browser or use an incognito window. Or change to wifi or data.

  36. Bless let's goooooo happy new year time to start saving up for front row 🎉

  37. The wheels remind me of Saab or Tesla turbine wheels. Front end looks like a mustang and newer gtr put together.

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