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  1. Can anybody comment on practical uses? I thought, maybe to stabilize fuel while in outer space? Not sure how much water content is in the fuel… can someone help me out here?

  2. To clarify, I wasn’t saying not to wear it. Of course you should wear whatever makes you happy! ❤️ you absolutely do not have to worry about Kibbe all the time. I definitely do not. I’m literally wearing an oversized tee and biker shorts right now to work out, so I’m not judging at all or saying it’s wrong. You definitely don’t have to show off your body all the time and I definitely don’t want to. Like toadandberry said, you don’t owe your body or your curves to anyone. Exactly the point is that it’s fun to look like a tent sometimes haha so don’t feel like you always have to adhere to silly Kibbe rules

  3. Terrible idea for a R! R’s are soft and lush and round. Your curves will get lost under all the fabric of an oversized tee and it will make you look much wider and sloppier. But you could potentially tie the shirt at your waist and get some shape back

  4. Yeah, soft gamine. She looks compact and somewhat straight and sharp

  5. Posting now for myself to put words to what I just saw: The upper torso is rounded. Double curve is like a venn diagram on its side. The rib cage must round into a cleave at the waist. Upper torso is rounded, not at all straight. Doesn’t have so much to do with the boobs, but with the silhouette of the torso from the waist and waist up.

  6. Not only your shoulders; you have curves but your body has some width to it that doesn’t fit other soft types. That’s why you’ll look really good accommodoting that width, like

  7. Yes! It has the feel of a wrap dress. That waist definition and the flowing, draping lines, the thin fabric is just chef’s kiss. Maybe in a bolder color though. SDs are bold, never dull!

  8. I disagree. I see a sharp pointed Cupid’s bow, high cheekbones and even the slope/shape of the nose is quite sharp and angular if you look closely.

  9. At first I was going to say SD, but I think the last dress overwhelms your frame and you look much better in the crisp, clean dramatic yet classic looks. However, I don’t know if that’s just because of the dress. Would be interested in seeing some more styles/looks, preferably different dresses. I quite like the white collared shirt and the black trousers which has a more DC vibe.

  10. I totally agree with this! I’d love to see more DC and SD looks

  11. Hi!! I often feel a little matronly in some wrapping/draping tops. One thing that has always worked for me (a fellow SD) is a tighter top with looser/more open pants. Like a thinner, fitted knit top (as opposed to woven) with looser, wider pants. A trendy casual example of this might be a cami tank top with high rise, looser fit (boyfriend/90s style) jeans. (Don’t know if that’s Kibbe correct, but this highlights narrowness in torso and waist with the cami, while elongating your vertical line with the high waist, long jeans. SD’s curves can handle the almost billowy nature of loose fit jeans, as long as the narrowness on top is equally emphasized IMO). I just got some Levi’s and I’ve been wearing the heck out of them with this technique lol. A more work-appropriate example of this might be a fitted turtleneck with wide-leg suit pants. This is kind of the opposite of the whole “inverted triangle” concept, but still honors our curves and vertical line. Let me know if you try this and it works :) or if it doesn’t! Maybe it’s just me haha

  12. Upon further research, different sites state her height is anywhere between 5’3” and 5’6”. I think she’s closer to the 5’3”-5’4” range (I think 5’6” might be what her acting and model comp card says and comp cards usually add an inch or two when you’re on the shorter side) and I know I’m going against the current on this one but I see TR right away. I can see proportions in her body that I understand because I feel they’re similar to mine (it’s almost like we [TRs] were made to be taller but then our calf length stayed a bit shorter sometimes). I actually think her vertical looks small especially in the last few photos like the one in denim jeans. Her shoulders are slightly (slightly) sloped with a bit of yang and they’re small in width. Her bones look so teeny and delicate. Her hip area has the circle.

  13. Yeeeesss thank you! I’m trying to learn and this makes total sense!!

  14. I’ve been told (by a fellow depressee) that “my disability is a superpower!” …….. hot take but absolutely fucking not

  15. As a woman the only thing I ever feel bad about for a man is the cycle of TOXIC MASCULINITY

  16. I don’t think this picture is showing off your proportions correctly but if this is somewhat representative of your lines then I would start to look at the vertical dominant IDs, primarily D/SD.

  17. Oh I see, you’re right. I had it backwards: you can’t be tall and also have a petite ID

  18. I pretty much see FN! The first thing I notice is height and width. I agree with what someone else said about the jumpsuit. It’s accentuating your vertical line, and the sleeves look a little bulky or something. I was surprised that you are 5’8”, your vertical line makes you look taller! In a beautiful way! That especially leads me to say FN. :)

  19. I agree. Someone enlighten me wtf this is all about 😂

  20. Duh she looks fine. Just look up Kibbe Body Types. It is the foundation for fashion styling techniques. If you’re not interested in fashion and beauty and fun, then you may not understand it. 😌

  21. My best guess is FN. I see width, and blunt bones, not sharp. SDs the first thing you notice is curves and roundness. You seem to have more of a natural vibe than a glamorous vibe.

  22. I second that question! Let us know when you've found something. :)

  23. I haven’t found much :/ I’m discouraged thinking that blazers aren’t exactly soft dramatic’s essence. Blazers say formal, SDs feel more luxurious and round than a blazer. Thoughts? I have been looking for longer T-shapes with waist emphasis and oversized details. High pockets so as not to pull the look downward… I found this on Pinterest and I’m not sure about the quality but I think I like the shape? Is this a blazer? Lol

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