1. Bhai unhone options bhi aise frame kiye the ki tum 2 options eliminate kar sakte the....but i was stupid to choose one of those options only

  2. mere dost ne aur ek wrong kiya tha dual nature wala wave ka zyada theory the na physics mein ?

  3. Theory ke ques. ....semiconductor,dual nature,eddy current vala hi tha jaha tak yaad aa raha hai mujhe

  4. He was born in Nepal but Bihar is one of the most important places for the start of Buddhism

  5. Limbic resonance is a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people.02 It is driven by the limbic system in the brain, which releases neurochemicals that connect us at an emotional level.1 When two people are emotionally in tune with one another, they affect each other’s physiological states such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, allowing humans to form deep bonds with each other.

  6. he thought limbic resonance is related to resonance in sound frequency thats so hilarious and dumb

  7. this is the equivalent of normal girl art 0 likes thot girl art 1 billion likes meme circulating in like 2015

  8. abe agar mohalle mein 1000 mein se agar 100 log jee dete hai aur usme 1 student ka selection hua toh ratio 1:100 ka hoga ya 1:1000

  9. Fresh. Physics mein yahi leave kar rakhe hain bass.

  10. KTG and Thermodynamics don't require much concepts agar basics se start karna hai toh you can watch any playlist or one shot for question practice solve all the pyqs and DCP(not many questions in thermodynamics section so won't take that much time) pdf is available for free online

  11. maa ke lode 15 din mein jee hai by you will win the debate by ignoring them unse ladke tum unke level tak hi gir rahe ho

  12. There are numerous number of people who run a racket of trafficking infants and forced them to beg on busy roads and then take all the money

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