2 yrs after Brazil puts, Citadel is hiring a “Brazil Fundamental Options Analyst” based in London — Check out this job description: “focusing on volatility catalysts […] Analyze special situations and unusual corporate actions […] Provide real-time opinions & analyst around breaking news” 👀

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  1. Ok question… when there’s a bank run, where do people take their money?? Do they take it out as cash and hide it under their mattresses ? wheres the money going

  2. The only thing that will ever work is you have to pay back double what you stole and jail time.

  3. I really don’t care, can see the light at the end of the tunnel and no matter what they try and pull their grip has already slipped. Just a matter of time

  4. They are builders, when their job is done they move on. It’s bullish actually

  5. I'm kinda like OP. Its just weird to me that this is how that industry operates. Not spreading FUD, but it would be nice to learn why it is this way.

  6. So they get their part of an eco system self sufficient and move on hence they are not needed anymore. They go build for someone else.

  7. There wasn't any movement far enough fast enough to trigger a halt. Silvergate probably has a 5% in 5 minutes limit (like we do as a larger market cap company), but it is possible that it might have a 10% in 5 minutes limit (like bathroom does as a smaller market cap company)

  8. To be fair, though, the short thesis got destroyed this week and there's no denying it. Positive EPS, positive cash flow, no debt, $1.4 billion in cash.

  9. I feel proud to have participated in this, honestly. I knew it would happen if we just held on. I don't talk about it to anyone any more, and I won't dance when it comes crumbling down, but honestly can't wait to see it happen. Love you all, ya sexy beasts

  10. Forsure... but is this a more targeted approach using CDS to hammer the price down?

  11. They just don't understand that blatant lying can only be construed as bullish, therefore having the opposite of their intended effect

  12. I really think all they have left is to try and confuse people,too bad for them when I’m confused I panic buy GME

  13. The thing is. I bought 100 shares at $22.40 then it skyrocketed to $23 so I took my profit out. It then dipped to $22.60 so i bought another 100 shares. It then skyrocketed to just under $23 so I took my profit out again. It then dipped $22.60 so i bought another 100 shares. It then skyrocketed to just under $22.70 so I took my profit out?!

  14. It being broadcast everywhere that the “squeeze is coming” means it’s either a fake “parabolic” move to just above 30 again (lol) or just the classic set up for disappointment

  15. But when you gamble and lose you always say you have as much money as you started with right /s

  16. I like the rhetorical “HOW are you going to unwind?” You criminal fucks

  17. two years ago no one was DRS and most people probably would have taken profits early. At this point there's a substantial percentage of the shares at Computer Share that people are going to hold forever just so they can say they never sold as an achievement.

  18. I mean who isn’t going to reinvest in GameStop no matter what ? The infinity pool is very real now and wasn’t even a thought 2 years ago

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