1. I don't have the V2 Nismo but am running the Fujimura Auto Front bumper which has a similar mid design. I used a right angle mounting bracket (

  2. Could be the starter motor not engaging properly and so the grinding sound is teeth not aligning properly.

  3. I like it but the front looks odd without the center being black, there’s no contrast. Those wheels are 🔥

  4. Completely agree here, have some accent colour on the front bumper and that would make it a 10/10 for me

  5. Ahhhh i see yeah, I did a bit of research, wasn’t sure if they where 2 different editions or the same edition.

  6. They did 370 40th anniversary editions in the UK, you've got car number 9!

  7. As everyone else is saying get a new intake as the rough idle will be due to MAF reading and air into the engine not aligning.

  8. Kinda dumb question but is the black edition the same as the base model or is it like the Gt or sports trims?

  9. It's the 40th anniversary edition only sold in 2010, black paint, grey rays forged wheels and red interior with all the optional extras included.

  10. I see. So does it have the better brakes, LSD, rev match etc... ?

  11. Yep all of the above. It has all the sport and interior packages added on. Only thing the 40th/black edition didn't get is the nismo treatment, its still the sport/GT engine trim.

  12. Since your CPU is nearly 10 years old I would assume that is a big bottleneck and causing the issue. Probably time for an upgrade. Used B450 + Ryzen 5600 is looking like a very good price/performance atm. (£150-£200 all in)

  13. Looks like the Weber Sport front bumper, never seen on a 350 though

  14. Everyone jumps straight to the know slave cylinder issue but it can also be as simple as old clutch fluid/has managed to get some water in there and it's overheating.

  15. Crypto generated in fiat value - running costs (electric at wall wattage x your electric rate will be the biggest, internet charge, cooling costs, etc) - depreciation of your rigs value over time = ....

  16. OK I used crypto compare to calculate, and a 2nd site to double check, and it says my profit ratio per day is 74% and profit per month is $98.23. Total hashing power of the rig is 494MH/s, power consumption at the wall is 1400W, Cost per KWh is 0.13, and pool fee I'm assuming is %1. Does this all sound about right?

  17. Yer all sounds good, btw you'll be tax liable for both the income of the mined coin at the date mined price and capital gains on change of price of the coin from date mined.

  18. On my Z they plug into the back of the heated seat control switches, not sure if they're both for heat seat controls but doesn't look like there's anything else on the switch plate.

  19. I think that’s it from what I’ve looked up but it’s weird that my Z had the blank buttons instead

  20. It's cheaper for them to put the wiring in all cars instead of only those with heated seats as it simplifies the manufacturing process. It won't be plugged in the other side either.

  21. Nah i had it for a while. No light was ever on. I spliced into the wire and put a switch and it worked but after a hour or 2 it just turned off and turned the light on and its been on.

  22. If u splice a switch in I think you need to restart engine after you turn it back on for the light to go off/yaw sensor to reset.

  23. I did that multiple times didnt do anything

  24. I would only suggest checking the connections to the switch and the yaw sensor, beyond that I'm at a loss.

  25. Im in the UK, I get a lot of my Z parts from Torqen and have always noticed they have the nismo OEM body parts.

  26. High load average is an indication that more instructions are being sent to your CPU than it can handle.

  27. Core OC is 1050, this is generally too low for Polaris cards, stick it back on 1150 like the others.

  28. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out and ask planty of questions when i see it in person

  29. With you mentioning MOT's are you buying a UK Z? Check to see if they have had the CSC recall done on the car, all 2009-2015 (I think) Zs had the option to do the recall in the UK.

  30. It is a uk z, and i checked there are no outstanding recalls but I ask the dealer too, thanks

  31. If it's a dealer they will most likely have records if it's been done, could save you a £500-£3000 headache

  32. I think NB miner made a statement that you need to drop OCs by 100/200Mhz due to how the miner works compared to old LHR unlock miners otherwise you'll get stability issues.

  33. Probably they are waiting for the case to finish. Or so I hope.... Man between her and Ezra Miller WB executives must be in panic

  34. She actually won the libel case behind closed doors in the UK, hence why this case isn't being taken too seriously by Hollywood....

  35. The UK makes the US justice systems bias for women look quaint. They have sentencing guidelines that basically say "women won't do well in jail so don't send them"

  36. It's a if there is no evidence either way the women's word holds more value than the accused. Is really shitty when someone takes advantage of it.

  37. You don’t need one. I run mine like that, plug it in all the way to the right

  38. Please don't, the motherboard connectors are not pci-express which is what you need for the pci-e 1x riser to plug into. If you try to run it plugged it it could blow the CPU, ram and GPU youre plugging in due to incompatability issues.

  39. Efficiency normally goes hand in hand with quality for PSUs as the more expensive, more efficient components are the more reliable ones. Even if your not paying for electricity having better effeciency PSUs mean you won't run out of power capacity (especially important if your NA on 120V) so it let's you run more GPUs.

  40. Wel I fucked it up lol. I moved all my AMD cards to one rig and now the usb hubs on my pc don’t want to work. I don’t know what I am doing wrong or if I am plugging the wrong cords in. I tried to plug my keyboard into the main motherboard usb and it doesn’t work either. I tried using an iPhone cable and it doesn’t work either

  41. Does a power cycle or CMOS reset reset the usb issue? If not it maybe time to start from a clean install and work your way up

  42. Update your HiveOS, or reformat your drive with the latest stable HiveOS. The cards driver is too new and not recognised hence giving this error.

  43. Updating didn't help. I'm running Hiveos from usb so I used a brand new one and flashed latest stable version. Didn't cure the problem, but now instead of showing "malfunction" in Hive, now I'm getting "unknown GDDR6 - 113-D5122100-S03"

  44. Seems like it can't recognised the memory on your gpu. Maybe take all othe eCards out of rig and only run the problem 6700xt. Update from in the software to get new drivers (the yellow up arrow I think) to see if it recognises it properly after a reboot. After that I would start testing the card itself in Windows to check that's not the problem.

  45. It can only read what GPU core it is off the card and the software doesn't know how to treat it. The latest HiveOS version should recognise it fine.

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