1. Consider yourself lucky only being down 7m on gear and breaking even in supplies. Your first purple no matter what it is is gonna make you net positive. You must not be using dragon darts/arrows.

  2. Try getting inquis mace at 1.4b and armor at 1.2b, harm orb at 1.6b. I try not to think about it when I see it in my bank. Down roughly 3.5b atm

  3. Doesn't even upgrade his backpack how sad. I blame Jagex for not doing their job and letting countless bots/gold farmers make it to the front page of every boss that makes good gp

  4. You're good I've moved to multiple states and played at airports etc no issues

  5. This concludes a numerous series of posts of mine pertaining to Phosani's Nightmare, I'll finally shut up about it, haha !

  6. 0 chance you complete an inferno needing all those pluggins unless Pink Clay does it for you

  7. Because Jagex is a lazy company that doesn't care about its games integrity

  8. why would anyone do tob when their are multiple pieces of new content that yields more gp an hour. negating the fact the offical ffa world has 4 people in it is inherently the issue and this issue started way before toa it has alot to do with the client nuke

  9. By that thought why would anyone have been doing Cox for the last 4 years since tobs been out. Tob isn't meant to be solo content this is an MMOrpg... Find people to play with not everything is meant to be solo content

  10. Scroll through the comments Iv responses to this a few times it’s an mmo but every single piece of content in the game gives you a option to either solo/group without sacrificing huge amount’s efficiency including the other raids the mmo argument doesn’t hold up when tob isn’t consistent with the rest of the game

  11. That's what makes Tob the best raid and content in the game. From scrolling through comments you talk about clients which means you're probably just another shitter client user who's mad he can't Tob consistently anymore. 416 being dead means nothing, anyone who's good at Tob uses wdr/clans/friends they've met along the way. Go play Fortnite or something osrs isn't meant to be solo scape. When ToA hype dies down Tob will be active again just like Cox didn't die years after Tob released

  12. what i dont get is 99.9% of people have no relation to the Queen. it doesnt directly impact their lives yet consume it like a soap opera.

  13. You've obviously never grinded phosanis.... Quit crying on Reddit and raid more

  14. This is a video about the dangers of rwt... Has tbow and masori but doesn't know how to play the game 🤡

  15. this is just an example of tbow only zulrah and the dps difference between armadyl. I’m not going to do non relaxed methods I have another video where I atleast get most of the ticks with mage switch. I don’t even put effort into blow pipe switch at beginning of kill or on blue phase idc with tbow. It’s not that hard to go from 3b to 5b+ in 5 years of staking into pvm

  16. The inferno is the hardest, most tedious damn thing i’ve done in gaming. I don’t even have the cape but i’ve made it to triple jads a few times. I’m close. The hardest part is just staying engaged and focused enough to succeed because it’s such a mind numbing and time consuming challenge. The mechanics themselves are relatively simple for the most part.

  17. I get this is a joke, but almost the majority I assume are also bought. I remember watching a YT interview explaining how one group sold hundreds of capes. That was quite a while back and was just from that particular group alone.

  18. There was a point when pink clay had vouched 25% of capes in game and he's just the biggest seller. I'd say 60-70% of capes in game are bought

  19. I care, about to max combat again without ever trying TzTokLilKok let stand Zuk

  20. How to say you're a credit card warrior without saying it... Nice cape

  21. Wah wah you guys didnt like my shit joke and downvoted me

  22. Yeah you're a real hardass telling people to sit on reddit lmao stop digging pls

  23. Only person digging is salty irons such as yourself. Never knew someone could get this hurt over 2 words 🤡

  24. Tob doesn't need to be changed it's your fault for waiting to do Tob once raids 3 was released


  26. I'm not saying it was right. I felt lucky to lose only 7 days so I stopped and never botted again. 7 years later I think this is the end of the road for me in terms of this game.

  27. Big surprise you're a botting shitter too lol go play Fortnite dumbass

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