1. remember that time john mccain was running for president and he changed the words to the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann to Bomb Iran? That was really wild.

  2. Remember when Romney’s ‘binders of women’ was a the biggest scandal of 2012? Good, simpler times.

  3. I think Biden really should have picked Tammy Duckworth. Would she have had more of a chance?

  4. Is there a good example of a time and a place when housebuilding was booming due to a lack of planning constraints?

  5. Looking forward to the day Labour sweeps back to power, and I respect Starmer for wrestling back control from the far left.

  6. Its been a long time since I saw The Wire but didn’t it show Hamsterdam initially working but then failing as a concept?

  7. I’m afraid it is only anecdotal, but I know/have known a lot of people on Universal Credit/Legacy Benefits that are ‘taking it slow’ when it comes to getting into work, or just lack any motivation to get into work. Or they would really like to work and nobody will hire them because they are over 50. Their rent is paid by Housing Benefit conceivably forever and they have little incentive to get into work if it messes up their Housing Benefit payments.

  8. The Tories’ real power is in their ability to reinvent themselves. Under Rishi at the moment, are they much more different to a Social Democratic party in Europe?

  9. I tried to understand Marxist theory, but found it so incomprehensible I sometimes wonder if anyone actually does.

  10. I irrationally really hate the YouTube style of huge words and arrows (sometimes all caps) in the title photo. PBS whyyyy I thought you were classier than this

  11. Is there any compelling evidence that if you increase taxes on the wealthy they will leave the country?

  12. How do they fund public services there, I’ve always wondered? Or are there are none or very little?

  13. We could afford higher taxes on the rich. I’m sure there still has to be sacrifices but they don’t have to be quite so weighted on lower earners

  14. Can we though? Genuine question. As I understand it there are only 600k people in the top income tax threshold. That seems incredibly risky to rely on even more tax revenue coming from such a small group of people. It’s like building a house on sand.

  15. ‘Nam was not as much of a failure as people say it is and I will die on that hill.

  16. Inside me there are two wolves, one wants good public transport, the other fetishises free-market capitalism

  17. We complain about doomers, but ultimately I like this place because of its generally sunny outlook on the future of humanity

  18. Kind of wild how one of the most successfully multi-ethnic democracies on the planet, with an asian PM, asian Home Sec and black Foreign Sec is also one of the most rabidly anti immigration.

  19. Wasn’t he quite liked by Americans across the political spectrum at the time due to his charisma and such?

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