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  1. First of all get 4000 into the game and you'll realise main bus isn't a good design. Perfect bases don't exist and main bus isn't scalable or practical on mods with many products. Lose the concept that a main bus is the right way to play, because it only exists to allow intermediate players to get a better grasp of the game.

  2. This is in the UK so bonus points if you also unfold the index finger. Its a significant swear over here that means the exact same thing, but because it takes slightly more effort, it looks more purposeful when you do it. This lady 100% understands what it means, its not a "some British people think this is rude" its a "this is 100% the same as a middle finger"

  3. Is it called deuces? I always knew it as "sticking them up" but that might be regional. When i said "peace sign" i was using an American translation, i know what an English peace sign looks like

  4. Hang on is the time different at different locations or something? I've noticed some lamps turn on when others don't, is this actually a feature for an orbiting sun or something? (Because we all know nauvis doesn't orbit the sun, its the other way around)

  5. Hmm, I always just thougth that it has a random factor. Unfortunately the wiki page for lamps doesn't mention anything about this.

  6. Based on the other person's reply I think you're right, for vanilla it seems random

  7. I have automated red and green science packs, should probably do black as well, but yeah automate basic stuff that builds into things I might need. thanks!

  8. Oh that explains the iron shortage comes from all the steel that purple needs

  9. Why don't you just not use the extra iron and let it sit there until its needed?

  10. Maybe you're being downvoted because you imply "people will abuse it".

  11. I'm bouncing ideas of why people wouldn't want it, im not saying people will abuse it but if that's the worst case scenario that the ones in charge are worried about then the rest of my question is saying "is that really an issue?" I'm bouncing a worst case scenario because thats what needs to be considered, im not bouncing what I expect to happen, thats a question for later.

  12. I think that wasn't very clear from your first comment.

  13. Ok then I apologise and thank you for getting this clarification out there, hopefully other people will read our thread and understand what I meant.

  14. Single is more efficient in terms of speed, because you spend less time waiting at junctions etc. The flow keeps moving in towns with one direction routes through them.

  15. If your train is double headed (drives both ways) but all engines at the same engine, it's not symmetrical anymore. If one station has a loop and the other one has not, or it goes between 3 stations without a loop, it will alternate with going into the station head first or tail first, which makes refueling/unloading complicated if it's not symmetrical.

  16. I wa going to reply but looks like you've figured out what I meant. Yeah it was something OP didn't post but I thought worth pointing out. I stand by that single headed is more fuel efficient too

  17. I love all the detail you put into the question, the fact it could be answered from the first screenshot is almost comical but if it wasn't that easy (and how would you know?) Then we definitely had more to look into.

  18. I personally don't bother with the + in the middle because tbh going straight over a roundabout is barely a detour. So remove that and the signals that go with it.

  19. I pay £330 a month for a leccy car, fully covered, charged and insured and do 14k miles a year. I claim about £100 a month back in mileage, so in total it's £230 a month.

  20. Is that through a company electric vehicle incentive, or is it not tied to your employment?

  21. Maybe, it depends. Personally I'd say 10% is where you should be aiming though.

  22. That's not it. I can play an older movie from say, the 1970s, and have no issue with voices. A brand new movie like Tenet, can't hear anything.

  23. No I'm saying that's all done prior to sending it to you, that's the difference between today and the 70s films

  24. well if that is what you are saying you sure as shit didnt say that in your last comment. read it again and you'll notice you blame "most people" NOT the audio engineers. You say its how people setup too much bass dude.

  25. Jfc I wasn't starting a debate i was simply saying where a misinterpretation in audio quality comes from I thought you'd then connect the dots not start arguing back at me. Sorry for trying to assist.

  26. Literally any time in the UK someone gets punished for defending their home, it turns out they chased someone down who was fleeing and did them over. Last one I remember was a fella coming home, finding his family tied up, the intruder panics and flees, the home owner chases him for three streets with a cricket bat and breaks his skull open. If he had of chased him and detained him it would've been fine, if he had of killed him in his home it probably would have been fine, but the danger was over when he killed him.

  27. If he had reasonable suspicion they were going to come back with a gun they would've gotten off fine too. You just need to be reasonable when using force really.

  28. This country’s self defence laws are fucking abysmal.

  29. I know you've edited but FYI you're allowed to use anything in your vicinity to defend yourself appropriate to the danger, so if you're ever in a bad situation, prioritise saftey first

  30. Everythings a fucking war with America*. Just sort it out, its not a war.

  31. I'm sorry but I dont understand how your link doesn't back me up. Figure 1 right at the top clearly states 80+ has the most fatalities by any age group per mile driven (just like I claimed) and considering 65 is the lowest then moving from the safest to the deadliest ina few years is not skyrocketing?

  32. It does start to skyrocket after 65, and I looked at the fatality charts and they back me up even when looking at others dying only. I very clearly stated in my initial post that after 65 the risk gets worse and I very clearly stated it doesn't get worse than the other groups until after 80 so these stats are 100% backing me up even when looking at fatalities to others 80 is still worse than anyone else over 20 and I bet 85 is worse than 17 if it went that granular.

  33. The eco system doesn't need a natural predator its all balanced as it is, if you're really concerned about natural balances its deer rabbits and foxes who are being manually controlled by farmers, any slip up and it could have a large impact. But of course that's not natural, its certainly not what we had thousands of years ago, but its here to remain because it works, and domestic cats work just fine too.

  34. Thousands of years ago we had domestic cats you say? Assuming you're right and I'm wrong, dont you think our ecosystem would've adapted to that by now? Have they not become a part of nature of the course of probably 1000 generations?

  35. Not allowed to comment on AskAnAmerican because I wanted to know what was up with Hall Passes at school to go to the toilet. I said it was training kids to comply with “papers please” at an early age and that they were not to be trusted… and then got permanently banned 😂

  36. A lotnof america is indoctrination and by definition that means they don't recognise it and get very defensive if you bring it up. You'd get the same response if you asked about the pledge of allegiance etc too.

  37. I got banned from Amazon's community pages - forums (which I don't believe exists any more), and reviews. For the first month or so, I was unable to find out why. It was being handled by the Moderation Team in the US (I am in the UK), and all they would tell me is that it related to a review I had written. They refused to take part in any correspondence with me about it.

  38. Amazon reviews are toxic af and I dont get involved. Theres a whole market of people that review things professionally (as in for money, not for good quality) and they will message you and report you and all that if you leave too many reviews. I suspect some of these cretins are what kicked off your ban. As a side note this means I do not trust amazon reviews at all, so I appreciate your effort, but I dont know how to distinguish your reviews from those leeches.

  39. The front light was pointing at the sky and the back light was pointing at the floor. Which one would your carrot eyes have seen?

  40. Tbf he was basically biking with his lights off, there's no blame i put on that driver for not seeing him. At best there's a red glow on the floor, but that could've easily been from the bike next to him as far as that car is concerned.

  41. Its just a reddit circle jerk narrative that people always upvote because it creates a common enemy etc etc and ultimately comes from a lack of understanding what HR is, although some people do understand it and still say that because they're gentle on definition (fine these people are using it correctly), but anyone who thinks HR is out to get you or to completely ignore you etc is just straight wrong.

  42. Depends how much effort you're going to put into it. I recently put some tiny USB fans mod onto mine and that stopped the lenses fogging, might be worth giving it a shot, cost about a tenner. Then you can do beatsaber which is what I have the most hours in (modded, custom maps specifically)

  43. I was actually thinking of sticking a small heatsink to it to help with its terrible heat design. Maybe stick two small noctua fans together and have a little PWM-usbc board inside? Still figuring that part out.

  44. I got ELUTENG 40mm Fan, it plugs into the USB next to the data cable on the headset and I duct-taped it on. 1 fan is enough I actually got 2, it has a little switch to control speed (including off) which is at the back of my headset. It should really blow OUT of the natural vents on the headset (the line holes) at least that way it's non-destructive.

  45. The point of an overhaul mod is that the game is completely different forget factorio you're playing space exploration now and this mod has harder recipies.

  46. It doesn't benefit me in the sense that its a stupid system and I just want to book there and then

  47. you are comparing resolution/refresh rate with a standard...

  48. I've never seen such a huge reaction based off an article with half baked info.

  49. Is it 4k 120hz or is it HDMI? Because both is not possible. People who complain about HDMI are complaining because it cannot physically transmit those specs.

  50. I was swerving to avoid hitting a fox, back wheel slid into the ditch, then the whole car followed and I rammed into the concrete thing.

  51. Just because its a crash doesn't mean you're an idiot (says so in the rules of the sub) were you doing something stupid that caused this?

  52. Yeah but ultimately its not like innocent civilians are being bombed as a result. Its something you can avoid by never getting involved in it. Sure if you have a family member that did get involved it'll be heart breaking but ultimately that's because they got involved and that was optional and you can avoid it. I'm not saying you'd stop caring about someone just because they got involved im saying that it was ultimately a choice

  53. Its a tax no a debt. You pay it based on your income no income no payments. I think she's confusing it with whatever she read about American student loans online. Theyre predatory. If she's she against student loan I guess she's equally against national insurance?

  54. I accounted for those points when I said that you stop paying it back once you've paid off enough. From this you can derive the more you pay back per year the less time it takes etc.

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