1. The ending was perfect, so sad yet so satisfying while being so good it's just perfect

  2. Well someone above average in math is pretty good at math so you'd have to be at a graduated level to use it

  3. Considering the entire adult population in the world it's not that high I think

  4. Jolene is Jotaro’s child Joe is that guy in the wheelchair

  5. So if I run 1mph I'd look like I'm running 1 mph to a person faster than light so I'd move 1mph faster than light?

  6. Yeah but then you'd have to see someone going faster than light tho

  7. Can I choose when this happens? Sometimes, you just want to read a book.

  8. Wouldn't godly mean u could just fix it yourself like what if you have a incurable disease that causes you pain 24/7 You just know you have it and can't do nothing about it

  9. You die, but if it's treatable on early stages like some types of cancer you can catch it quicker

  10. You die, but if it's treatable on early stages like some types of cancer you can catch it quicker

  11. Problem with that is a little thing called evidence, you need it.

  12. It barely takes creativeness, as the ai does the creativity for you, by doing the work of bringing together images itself, rather than you. The “practice” that you speak of is learning, “should I type pink man with wings, or pink man with angel wings.” It requires no effort, the only thing it requires is time. Also, you say that the ones that are usually “hard work ai art” have more words than both hand drawings and text entries. For a drawing post, it’s more of a 50/50, but to say that the ai art has more text than the text entries is simply untrue. Text entries will 99% of the time have more details and paragraphs than one of an ai image.

  13. You also can’t read, and understand how little effort it takes

  14. Nope. You can possess any creature in the animal kingdom for an indefinite amount of time. It'll come in handy if you decide to not join the army and kill legally. Killing civilians would result in the authorities looking for you. Just jump into another body.

  15. I would like to ask you to please slow down with these polls, you've made 3 of them in that many days without actually posting any of the Stands.

  16. This is a great stand and an amazing ability, how it would work in a part is tricky though. There are also no S tiers. 8/10. One question is what about stands that have abilities that can kill immortals (WOU etc)

  17. Without control you die as you can't get vaccinated, can't have surgery, you compress inside your skin.

  18. Def not god-tier. At best, it’s lower mid-tier

  19. Infinity what? Everything? You basically destroy the universe and collapse into a new one.

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