How to Dress for Summer - Malti’s Capsule Summer Wardrobe (INSPO + GUIDE)

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  1. This time I thought I'd try out rattle cans for the body. This one's black with a pearl overlay and while it has substantial orange peel, in person it's not obvious at all because of the pearl bits.

  2. I feel you. I felt this way ~2014 so I left Atlantic City and the full time grind behind to pursue business. Very happy I made that decision.

  3. Might be unrelated but how does a company have enough funds to pay developers to make vr games for years without the income of the game coming out? I would assume its a million dollar per year paying for developers excluding all other things they had to pay

  4. 10 devs is a whole lot, as is 80k unless they all live in high cost areas. Don't know the company but you can get this stuff build way cheaper.

  5. And a hiring freeze. Meta defenders were saying that they would cut in other areas and hire in Reality Labs. That's not happening for a while. Which makes sense since Meta had already cut Reality Labs a few months ago. It was first on the chopping block.

  6. Lots of stories like these in Calacanis' podcast. Idk what you're trying to learn specifically here.

  7. What would be the best way to approach you then?

  8. Intros (from other founders even), meetups/conferences, pitch events, list goes on...

  9. Are there investor clubs you can join as startups?

  10. The idea is angels group together and these groups/clubs/whatever tend to have ways to submit your startup. The flow depends on the club but they should all have something similar

  11. Quantum resilient digital signatures that are smaller and faster to verify than any known alternative. The alternatives are FALCON from Thales, and DILITHIUM from IBM. My solution reduces to a version of the decisional second preimage resistance problem, as does SPHINCS+. My solution is just much more communications effecient.

  12. This is helpful. My reaction to this, as a techie no less, is it's exciting stuff but the market itself seems speculative as it all relies on a 10y projection of quantum hacking being a big or broad enough threat. You may need to work on proving the need and reducing the timeline. Otherwise, personally, I would be thinking I'd rather just wait because there will be more opportunities if we already have this 3-4 alternatives, or just jump in on later rounds as it doesn't sound like it'll produce meaningful returns in the first 5 years. One idea would be similarly to pharma where you create/prove exit opportunities to established players at multiple points before your actual gtm.

  13. Oh people are plenty worried already, but the most impacted are the people doing low power wireless protocols, where the lattice sized signatures won’t ever work. I’ll have to reduce the strength and do custom implementations depending on whatever freaky constraints they have, but some bits of security is better than none bits. The path to full acceptance amongst people who follow standards is years. But I think I figured out the near term revenue part.

  14. Say a bit more, you'd be wasting your time pitching to people that aren't interested.

  15. I agree with this. I’ve been thinking a lot about concentric spheres of mappings, where you as the user could have augments and lookups that are private and personal to you and have primacy, overriding those from groups to which you belong, which override augments and mappings from some large public source like google - a little how DNS works now.

  16. Agree on the concentric visualisation. I think of it more as layers of (otherwise invisible) reality, sparsely populated with content & experiences (think city-like centralization, for obvious reasons) and not necessarily interconnected, with ar closer to physical and vr a layer above.

  17. Mind linking the description you mentioned?

  18. None, this doesn't sound like a startup and the names are fluid anyway. On a more actionable note: find someone investing your target ticket size, no need to label it. And obviously target investors that are investing in your sector specifically.

  19. The fact that your cofounders are excluding you while you clearly want to be involved, as well as the fact that you disagree but do things behind their backs are huge red flags for investors. At this stage of the company, we're effectively investing in the team.

  20. Also thank you for your input, it made me think I was not as clear as I needed to be in the original comment.

  21. No worries, and I'm glad to hear it's a different situation that I understood! Best of luck :)

  22. When it's through debt it's considered equity-like by some but its not equity until and if it converts. Otherwise of course its equity, since that's what you're buying with your money.

  23. I don't know. AAPL will probably.bottom out around 115 or 120. We already know Q3 will be trash but it probably won't go to 100. I th8nk by December AAPL is sitting closer to 150, but its a gamble. This market could decide it wants to really dump in July

  24. It might be so you don't need to transfer actual funds you own elsewhere, probably for a short period of time.

  25. I guess I missed my opportunity to dress like a drug dealer the last time I was in Capri

  26. I was wondering if anyone did the iron fly strategy on this time frame.

  27. I’m pretty sure it’s the Options Strategy Naming Committee.

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