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  1. Exactly. The Great Rest is the same. The whole idea is to “urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a fairer, sustainable and more resilient post-COVID future”. Which again is just ideas and vague goals, yet people have cobbled together various opinions and misquotes to change the meaning to forced depopulation and a future of eating insects etc.

  2. Ironically the new world order stuff and The Great Reset aren't conspiracy theories, It's on the World Economic Forums website. Worse is how many of theses conspiracy theories turn out to have some truth to them.

  3. Why not use Singapore ? Tough on crime, and low crime.


  5. Yes, but if you would buy a TV on amazon and you would receive a brick you’re gonna ask refund, innit?

  6. You didn't buy a tv and get a brick. You bought an algorithmic (ie. unbacked) stable coin - something that has always failed in the past.

  7. I know they said it, but seeing a 20% investment return didn't raise any red flags? Bernie Madoff was only getting 10%

  8. Deregulated? He wanted to regulate it in his favor and make DeFi illegal basically

  9. He admitted that was just PR and said "fuck regulators, they just make everything worse" in the same leaked texts.

  10. Well yeah, that might be the only thing of which I agree with him. Fucking little Bernie Maddoff Jr that guy, I really hope to see him behind bars. Crazy part is that a month or so before the collapse I used FTX for the first time to exchange my ETHPOW airdrop into eth and withdrew them right away. Now I feel I took someone else's ETH in a way. Sad

  11. A lot of rewriting history going on in the anti-vax community.

  12. Feel free to show me an example of that.

  13. Sorry, when I watch the video I got the impression there was some distance between the wires and the receivers on the trucks.

  14. They might as well make it an all star game at this point, it doesn’t even really feel like NSW vs QLD.

  15. Didn’t Ponga play for the Māori this year or last?

  16. Yep, also admitted dreams of playing for the All Blacks too

  17. Agreed. Sam Harris was one of my first redpills on global politics and the dangers of fundamentalist Islam... but damn. He really changed during Trump's presidency. Who knew he was such a democrat shill?

  18. Being anti-Trump doesn't make you a democrat shill. He regularly rails against the woke & identity politics of the left.

  19. Two with players from the old days: Isaac John Andrew Ryan James Schiller , Sandor Earl Harrison Grant Anderson

  20. You can add PNG player Dilbert Issac to the front of that too!

  21. Many engineers (and doctors of course) are in that tax bracket. Nurses will also benefit from changes to the lower tax brackets. Many high income workers (especially in the health industry) are working crippling hours during the pandemic - its not a privileged life for PAYE employees.

  22. They didn't mention you can also see him on Intervention where he is at the pivotal point in his Mormon life of doing meth and then masturbating for 10-12 hours.

  23. Also didn't mention his long criminal history (including domestic violence) or the fact that his son filed for a protection order at 16.

  24. The only issue with vegetarianism is that it continues to fund the underlying problem of taking animals and using them for resources without considering their well-being. You're right though that a jump from carnivore -> vegan is too extreme, and it strikes me that people are better off slowly transitioning towards a vegan diet as opposed to adjusting their diet instantaneously.

  25. The brain is still developing right through your 20s and can continue to develop for decades after that.

  26. I say just keep it as it is. I'd rather see it raised to 21 over dropping it to 16 to be honest.

  27. We all want different things at different stages of life. If youre young you want things like minimum wage & affordable housing, if you're older you might want good services and healthcare.

  28. What's the point of a photo if we can't add it to CarJam?

  29. If you go to the middle of nowhere it exists, that's the thing Canada and Australia have over us, vast swaths of empty land dotted with small towns that are insanely cheap but isolated. The only real area we have like that is the west coast.

  30. Who wont? The donations go to super PACs who buy ads with it, it doesn't go to the politicians themselves. It's also not sitting in an account somewhere for them to return.

  31. what does she think she was right about?

  32. Probably rewriting history like all the other anti-vaxxers after finding the vaccine was less effective against omicron.

  33. I keep saying this over and over, but the "value" if your home is meaningless except on 2 days, the day you buy and the day you sell. Other than that, so long as you can meet your payments it doesn't matter.

  34. I can find nothing which refutes the figures released

  35. It's not the figures that are the problem, it's the complete lack of context and avoidance of mentioning the events that caused the increase in spending.

  36. You'll just leave a National Party press release here? Okay then.

  37. Not alot of people probably here saw a certain podcast he done with Joe Rogan (because it got removed from YouTube) where he pretty much predicted all the fuckery going on in the world today. He's a fuckwit but I wouldn't trust what the main stream media say about him.

  38. You see a certain podcast where he said that it might be necessary to kill the left wing members of your family?

  39. He’s not. He’s asking the question to make a point. If it’s ok to let Trump back on Twitter why or why not is it ok to let Jones. My guess is Sam believes there’s no moral reasoning as to a difference and he’s trying to call Musk out.

  40. And he's let back far worse than Trump too. Andrew Tate for example.

  41. Another article has been posted by RNZ with more details

  42. Not only does Act not believe in personal freedoms, but he also believes that these people aren't equipped to make their own decisions and should have the government telling them what to do instead.

  43. Literally anyone who spends money in a shop is paying tax.

  44. It's insane. Tesla can't seem to build more than two models of car at a time!

  45. consents should not be 5x the times of your population growth and all markers show the housing shortfall is massively being reduced.

  46. In 2019 infometrics estimated NZ had a shortage of 40000 homes. Kiwibank estimated it was more like 130000. We absolutely need concents to be outstripping population growth by a large margin.

  47. Wait a second... is Saylor saying there is a second best??

  48. Hey, did you have any luck with this? I've been trying to find the same thing. I've managed to find all the other regional firmware but haven't had any luck so far with the Japanese fw.

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