1. You appear to be misunderstanding my post. I am not saying more scoring is good. In fact, the first half of my post was arguing precisely the opposite. The second half that people are misunderstanding is not saying more goals=good. It is saying 0 goals= bad. How do you make sure most games have at least 2 or 23 goals scored? Make it easier to score goals. I’m not suggesting soccer scores should be like 30-10, I’m just saying 0-0 or 0-1 should not be 2 of the most common scores. Scores like 2-1 or 3-2 seem preferable.

  2. Grealish was dangerous soon as he came on, him and foden should start

  3. A few games ago Saka and Mount came on against Germany and completely changed the game. We can't chase our tail on this, this team scored 6 goals against Iran, it's better to fix why we didn't do that again rather than move on to the next shiny player.

  4. But the UK government already has this power and has not abused it. Your post was specifically about the UK government abusing this longstanding process in the future. Citing a bad actor country with a de facto dictator as the example of why the UK is likely to revoke citizenship is inserting a strawman argument vice directly answering the question I asked about what in the UK has happened to make you believe they will expand their current practice of revoking citizenship to include a great many more citizens.

  5. Isn't taking Begum's citizenship away an example of Britain abusing it's powers? Britain's own laws say you can't make someone stateless but that's what they've done to Begum. The excuse is that she's entitled to Bangladeshi citizenship but she doesn't have Bangladeshi citizenship. I don't see how the Home secretary breaking the British law isn't an abuse of his power.

  6. I guess time will tell. We will luck our way to the Final or get knocked out per usual.

  7. People disagree with you so if England do well it has to be luck? Way to be petulant fella.

  8. And if we score 4 next game will you say you were wrong? Come back after the tournament and make a point then. Till then, don't waste my time.

  9. A few people have tried to convince you of this without luck but I've got to have a stab at it, Trump is absolutely a fascist.

  10. I’m not so sure; we don’t have anyone else that can hold up the ball like Kane. In the USA vs Wales game Kieffer Moore coming on really changed the game for Wales. I think having someone that can hold up play like that can be really effective against the current USA team. He can rest after the match anyway and he doesn’t have to give us 90 mins if we play well. If he is fit and the ankle is fine, I think he should play.

  11. We have others who can do that, both Foden and Maddison are suitable. For me I just wouldn't want to take any risk in a game that is (fairly) low stakes.

  12. Maddison is injured still so that’s a no go.. Plus, do honestly think either of them holds up the ball or functions for the team in the same way that Harry Kane does? I’m not sure you realise exactly what Harry Kane brings to the England team.

  13. I didn't know if Maddison was available to play yet but both he and Foden are suitable to play the link up role. both like to receive the ball between the lines, have the close control to hold the ball and the range of passing to release runners. Obviously Kane is exceptional at that so both would be a downgrade but they are very good in their own right. We would have to change formation as neither of them can play the striker part of Kane's role but I maintain that we should still beat the US doing that.

  14. This thread may have run its course but, if not, I have a perspective.

  15. My biggest issues with the movie were the nerfing of wakanda. On the boat scene specifically near the end, are you telling me they only put one sonic emitter in the ocean and none on the sides? It makes no sense, if heat could affect namor imagine what it would have done to the rest. Just some heat emitters on the side of the boat would have stopped them from coming on. It was all a narrative spoof that wakanda, the most advanced civilization on the planet would make these simple mistakes. Then none of the people on the boat used the sonic rifles that could basically one shot the Atlantians. I feel as the entire third act was full of mistakes. Why would iron hearts suit be powered and made by vibranium but use regular thrusters and not the blue pulse emitters used by the rest of wakanda. Was a very strange third act that made me lose immersion.

  16. As I alluded to, I think a lot of the action was an afterthought, I don't think that's the part that Coogler's interested in. The final fight in the first film was the weak point of that film as well. It's a shame if they got those parts of the film right I think they'd be all time greats.

  17. I will die on the hill that Nakia should be Black Panther and Queen after Shuri rejects the throne, with T’Challa Jr. assuming the mantle when he’s grown. I know she wants to keep him away from pressures of the throne, but like Lupita has big Queen energy, it leaves Shuri to be the techy sidekick, and has her doing her own thing since she’s not big on tradition anyway.

  18. It will be interesting to see how they handle it, will M'baku start as King? Will Shuri still be the Black Panther? I hope that Lupita Nyong'o is the lead, she's such an amazing actress and i'd be over the moon if she got to wear the suit.

  19. It really will. A massive world wide audience will see the England team kneeling and ask why. Many fans who were ignorant of Qatar's human rights failings will learn something and Qatar's attempts at sports washing will be undermined. It's another PR disaster for Qatar.

  20. The marketing for this film has been really erratic.This is a post release poster basically saying 'now that you know it's Shuri, here's a poster of her in the suit', that implies that who was going to wear the suit was supposed to be a surprise. But the trailers made in pretty obvious that Shuri was going to wear the suit, it's they're no surprise so many of us thought there was going to be a twist.

  21. It's players who are priced inefficiently but are expected to score more total points than efficiently priced players.

  22. Biden has ran this country into the ground and the people see that. They will take anyone but Biden at this point.

  23. What a weird thing to say when we've just witnessed the Democrats overperform at an actual election.

  24. I dont want it to be true... its just the truth out here in the streets. Im a union man. Dem at heart. You should hear the amount of union workers who bad mouth biden and are "Trumpers"

  25. The streets are an awful place to get your opinions from, you're not looking at a macro picture of society, you're looking at a micro picture of a (to an extent) homogenous group.

  26. It never works out like that, you can't predict who will underachieve and who will overachieve. Winning the group could give us a harder path than coming second would. It's best not to overthink it.

  27. Where would you have put it in the schedule? The players had matches this weekend, they travelled to Qatar on Tuesday, they need a least two days training to prepare for a match so the first time we could have played was today. Do you really want to play a match three days before we play Iran?

  28. I think this is the correct answer, that this is his last tournament regardless.

  29. France 2018 were not boring Germany 2014 were not boring Spain 2010 admittedly were boring Italy 2006 relatively boring Brazil 2002 not boring France 1998 not boring

  30. Playing boring is not mutually exclusive with playing to win.

  31. That the black panther is a lineage and hereditary thing, the dora milaje are tied to protecting the BP, and not becoming it, how there can only be one BP at a time, etc etc

  32. It's a whole plot point of the first film that it's not hereditary, it's why M'baku can challenge T'Challa. You just need royal blood, which Nakia has. I would have thought someone with two brain hemispheres would have picked up on that.

  33. Mbaku challenges him to the throne of king. Now while that may imply that he wants to be the bp, the Jabari actually have their own patron in hanuman. He didn't want the BP, he wanted the rule of wakanda, something that is solved later in the first movie.

  34. No. Almost everything Congress is involved with has to go through both houses to get full approval.

  35. I see, I thought the budget was white house written and Senate approved, didn't think it touched the house. Am I completely wrong or is this spending separate to the budget?

  36. There may or may not be a "budget" any given year.

  37. Assuming we top our group our most likely opponents are Senegal, then France, then Belgium, then Brazil (based on world ranking).

  38. When you look at the prices of the top defenders this season Cancelo's sticks out like a sore thumb. In this first part of the season he hasn't been a stand out defender and his price makes him inefficient. Also, he's outperforming his stats which could be a sign that he's lucky to have as many points as he does have, historically it's unusual for him to do that. The number of shots he takes and the number of key passes are both way down on previous sessions as well.

  39. I watched the first few minutes of this and it reminded me why I hated Oath, you've got to understand the most impenetrable goblygook to have a clue what's going on.

  40. Yeah but the other times we've had a nightmare there was probably no good reason to think it would go to pot. I hope I'm wrong I'd love to see a Brazil England final

  41. The only time we've been knocked out of a major tournament in the group stages in the modern age was 2000 versus Germany, Portugal and Romania and 2014 versus Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Those groups are much harder than the one we face. tournament

  42. Alright fair enough, I probably am being overly cynical

  43. From now on can you please replace the word 'cancelled' with 'criticised', it's a far more accurate for what you're describing.

  44. The one omission that makes me somewhat nervous isn’t on here, but is a second natural left back. I know Southgate has played Trippier and Saka there before and that’s presumably the backup plan but I’m not sure either are ideal solutions for every type of game we may end up playing if Shaw were to get injured mid tournament.

  45. I haven't watched him to comment but Sessegnon at least seems like a natural fit for the position. I think Shaw's going to have to play pretty much every minute....

  46. Has it? other than some minor success in early September the Ukrainians have had two specific periods of advancing, when the Russians abandoned the northern sector of Kherson a few weeks ago and the last 48 hours.

  47. Villages like Vysokopilia, recently Davydiv Bryd, Archangelske, Suchy Stavok even Posad Pokrovsky a while ago. There were many such villages liberated in slow, grinding advances.

  48. The first three of those I looked up were all taken in the three periods I just mentioned. I think you've misinterpreted the nature of this campaign.

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