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  1. I Aloof the bottom of my feet cause my roommate (wife’s boyfriend) told me too.

  2. Haven't we been trading sideways for like 2+ years

  3. As if Monday's weren't bad enough.

  4. And GameStop stock was down today. Anyways… if I had longer fingers I would slap that bass.

  5. Also screams how there are a lot of stupid/uneducated people out there. It's a coin flip.

  6. Wait… this is from the SHF playbook, chapter 7.41. Publish articles saying the company is scaling back employees or the employees are unhappy with the company. I believe they did something just like this for the last earnings. Nebraska store with a note taped to the door? Hmmm.

  7. Who is eating who? Don’t get me wrong: I look forward to this happening, but has it started?

  8. When you can borrow at 0% for over a decade this happens. Turn in those Lambos and give the keys back to all your island vacation homes. Apes coming to collect.

  9. 800k subscribers to the sub and only 1/6 of the sub is attentive of what’s happening. How many are disengaged users? How many are bots?

  10. well we have another one against the chargers next week, so thats a loss too

  11. So… Ticketmaster, FTX, Rail Workers strike scuttled by Congress, Twitter docs released… all manipulation. And that’s just in last month. WTF!

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