1. I didn't say it was connected to him being a traitor. I mentioned that we know he was branded a traitor, but we don't know why.

  2. If I remember correctly, Osiris and Saint were originally battle brothers. But when Destitny changed some writters someone had the bright idea of making them gay via understanding that all the “battle brothers” was gay and the past writters were aiming for that. According to the writter on twitter the day they confirmed that this two were gay. So we ended up with this fanfic at the end.

  3. They've been gay for a while now, I've never seen them referred to as "battle brothers"

  4. Hot take: destiny is always dying, its ghost is just really good at it's job

  5. Maintenance hatch! Restroom likely a later addition to existing the building and has newer plumbing fixtures.

  6. As someone who works at a school I can relate to hating that I recognized this lol

  7. Casting famous names for voice-only roles is not a “new” thing, and tbh not even an inherently bad thing. Robin Williams as Genie, Tom Hanks as Woody, hell, they got Billy Joel to play a dog in Oliver & Company and he slayed it. The only problem here is that Mario already has a very established sound and a long-standing voice actor that Chris Pratt is replacing.

  8. Warhammer Inquisitior: Martyr, yesterday they FINALLY released the Adepta Sororitas Inquisitor DLC

  9. Weirdly they sorts remind me of the Vessels from hollow knight, a species borne of desperation an necessity, that is doomed to perish.

  10. I'm down for being a slime girl. I mean whar?

  11. Idk how I should feel about understanding what someone means when they say "scrimblo character". Maybe I spend too much time in the catgirl discord server

  12. I took a trip to Chicago once, one night the hotel we stayed at had a shooting next door and the attendant's response was "yeah, that happens pretty often"

  13. Reminds me of Technovoid's boss ranking video, it's not just a fight, it's art.

  14. The fact that they can’t even type the word “sex” really makes the whole post lmao

  15. Massive "teenager using the Internet for the first time" energy, if the post wasn't so creepy...

  16. Ah, like how the B of BLT stands for bread.

  17. Why does she have blond hair here? I didn’t play her route, so I’m guessing it’s something plot related?

  18. Given how Warhammer is in such fascination with over the top violence, I wouldn't put it past the Imperium to have some rooms with saws. But you should look Warhammer 40k if only for the aesthetics, like the Imperium of Man has this hyper futuristic gothic style with cathedrals mounted on huge mechas.

  19. The hallway to the golden throne is actually just a golden version of path of pain

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