We had to take an "anonymous" survey at work today. This is my somewhat strongly worded response.

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  1. Monster Hunter can be really addictive. Has a lot of different playstyles to try, and really fun if you like boss fights and grinding. Great soundtrack to keep you into the game too

  2. If you’re a fan of stradegy games Into the Breach is super fun and has a good acheivment based system. Slay the Spire is a deckcbuilding soulslike.

  3. Cum ride me like that baby and I'll give you creampie for sure

  4. Have you seen any green dotted isopods in your area? I found some last year in some roofing sheets when I wasn't really into raising isopods. I have pitfall traps to try to collect some this year.

  5. Mine are mostly browns, but ill keep an eye out! Mine are finally breeding, so maybe ill see some green

  6. My most recent survivor found an entire building full woth almost every book in the game. got bitten during a supply run. i have played for 2 days because i dont want to lose them

  7. Cute but idk if id hold a scorpion myself. Are they any more dangerous than spiders?

  8. Depends entirely on the species. This one is an asian forest scorpion, low venom but aggressive. He bluffed at me a few times but didnt sting. My older one stung me a few times and it didnt bother me too much. Pain is all in perspective so i cant 100% say how it would effect you

  9. I use plantation soil, but some people mix that with sand and moss. They like to burrow so they need a substrate that holds that well OR gove them some hides.

  10. I really don’t get the anon thing. Like I promise you guys arent as famous as you think

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