1. I am praying to the gods that the DLC is not just a Camp Cretaceous pack 2.

  2. According to google, Zebras are from southern france and powder blues are native across europe

  3. It’s really 50/50 tbh I’m using still but planning to change in the coming months to substrate

  4. No. You want aquarium or pond silicone - anything else isn’t safe for small animals, especially if it contains mould killers like this seems to.

  5. Thank you I’ve been looking all over do you think you can provide a link to some if you have it

  6. I don’t have a link unfortunately, but any good aquarium / fish store should be able to help you out. Landscaping stores that sell ponds and fish too may be worth checking as well.

  7. The site b mode is probably not gonna happen but the other stuff I think are possible

  8. Slate Stone Drink Coasters - Set of 5 Square Black Natural Edge Stone Drink Coasters for Bar and Home- 4" x 4"

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