1. I’m ready to hit the Blood Bank to make a little extra money for shares, all this cast iron cooking I’ve done should be beneficial to someone needing iron. Blood for blood I say.

  2. Where the fuck is this dude spending $20 per month on internet? Is it 1Mbps?

  3. If everyone with a ComputerShare account buys 8 shares today then we’ll own all those borrowed shares.

  4. I’ll swap all of my synthetics for real DRS shares.

  5. Honestly cat food would cost more to add to this ramen than the egg lol

  6. I’m almost regretting mentioning that their are plenty of Farrell cats roaming around offering sacrificial protein to the investors.

  7. Won’t be the first time the poop emoji was used as evidence in court. This timeline is nutty

  8. My Boston looks like that as she’s pooping on my car seat.

  9. DRS is the swap. I’ll swap 1 GME share for $741,000,000.

  10. I'd be surprised if he does at all until the frivolous towel lawsuits are thrown out.

  11. They’ve temporarily silenced him just like DFV. Time to DRS more out of respect and love of the company.

  12. He’s definitely not breaking the “No Poop” sign. But who knows what comes next.

  13. I haven’t seen an RC tweet in a few weeks, is he on a gag order during this fake lawsuit?

  14. And camping with them in the sleeping bag is a thrill too.

  15. All calm and peaceful until a ball turns 2 of them into Tasmanian devils.

  16. And I’m wondering what the name of those flower bulbs are called.

  17. The stare down before the tongue attacks your face.

  18. I still got a used truck I haven’t sold yet, and they have gone up in value lately.

  19. I broke a tooth on one of those dates, crown lasted 20 years and now replacements are only 5 years.

  20. I thought he was never covering GameStop again.

  21. You’ll have to add some extra enthusiasm to that question.

  22. You guys ever ejaculate into your hand, mean to clean it but fall asleep. Then you wake up with webbed fingers?

  23. Now is a great time to be alive, especially being awake at midnight.

  24. I guess he has no plans of being the chauffeur any time soon.

  25. Looks like a little toy. I hope Willow brings you both joy and compassion for many years. Might be a good swimmer too.

  26. These seconds that he speaks of reflect hours of premarket run up or down before the news gets published. Then MSM reports retail sentiment for the price movement.

  27. She must have heard so many stories of squirrels from her mother while nursing.

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