1. I’m from Costa Rica, and my biggest recommendation is that you go and visit the waterfalls in Bajos del Toro, there are a lot of options and all of them are incredible

  2. Maybe those instead of Rio Celeste, you can swim in those, but in Rio Celeste it is prohibited

  3. Be cautious! I had an outbreak of columnaris in 2 of my tanks that killed over $1k worth of fish including my 18 inch ropefish Peej, I didnt catch it in time and it started out similar to this, treat with paragaurd, API Erythromycin, and Aquarium salt just to be safe. I know i sound like a fear monger but i would hate to see someone lose more of these precious fish like i did.

  4. Thank you very much How did you treat it? I just added prazipro and salt, I’ll buy paraguard, but next week that I get payed because right now I don’t have money

  5. I started by bringing temp up to 82°F, adding salt, allowing to fully disolve, then adding the paraguard to keep fungus from forming on the wounds and other nasty aquarium parasitic stuff, after was fully mixed in water after an hour or so i added the EM. Erythromycin by API. Make sure to have excess oxygen in the tank through a large air stone/bar, and make sure there is flow as to not have stagnant water.

  6. Hey, thank you very much for your advice, I used a similar method, methaline blue, salt, water changes and colder water and it worked, he’s fine now. Thanks for the help

  7. I'd recommend api stress coat and also use a soft clean brush to paint that spot on your rope fish using methylene blue, methylene blue will disinfect the wound

  8. It might be that he’s still adjusting to his new environment. When I got mine I had the same problem and I was freeking out, and tryed with everything. Feeder guppies could trigger him to eat and could help in this situation, I used those and he ate, don’t worry.

  9. I'd stick some root tabs. Swords mainly feed from roots.

  10. Just a guess... but, looks new. Emersed growth dies when it converts.

  11. He’s still so baby!! How old is the rope fish? I ❤️ Birchir babies but they grow SO fast!!! I’ve heard the rope fish is a good alternative, care to give thoughts?

  12. When I took the photo he had only been with me for 5 months My advice on them is have a strong lid, make sure to cover your filter, because they always get in it haha, and you should have them with other noodles, they’re happier, mine is with the other eels 24/7. And thank you very much!!! I love them

  13. What type of lung fish is that?

  14. What’s the one on top of the rope fish?

  15. How do you train it to do anything??

  16. They go crazy when they smell worms, so is easier Also he’s very friendly, I have an eel that does the same. But I think that it depends on the fish’s personality because I have another eel and an endly and as soon as I put my hand in the tank they hide

  17. Oh that's totally fair. Oscars are cantankerous 😅 somehow fish that eat other fish whole are cute and wholesome but ones that eat chunks of other people like my murder peas are rude little scallions (they are not polite 😅)

  18. They’re dicks. I got rid of them and started with mostly angels What are those?🤔

  19. Ummmm my experience of angels is they start off as sweet graceful derps that hit maturity and become psychotic serial killers... But it does depend on the angels. Good luck!

  20. Do u use any fertilizers? Or special substrate, root tabs or something like that? I want to get one cryptocorine like yours, but I read that they need that stuff Amazing tank bu the way

  21. Oh thank you! I do use a liquid fertilizer, specialized nutrition from tropica, it’s a green liquid. But tbh, I don’t use it that often haha, and it’s just sand substrate. I find my crypts to do the best of all my plants, very hardy plants in my opinion.

  22. Crypts do great with root tabs. They don't really need a specific substrate although having one rich in iron is nice. However unnecessary if you have nutrients in your tank and root tabs.

  23. If I add potassium in the water column can I get away with no using the root tabs?

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