1. Nope, superconducting cable: A cable, which has 0 resistance. And yes, that is a thing. And It is really 0 Ohms and not just very very close to zero. though all superconducting materials we know of have to be cooled down to nearly absolute 0, which is the coldest temperature that can exist. (heat is basically just movement(wiggeling) of atoms. absolute zero means there is absolutely no subatomic movement)

  2. Crap, I got distracted on "Nope, superconducting". Can you repeat that please?

  3. I tested one of the AI detectors by asking it to scan a ChatGPT output. The detector said there was 99% chance it was AI-generated.

  4. That's apocalyptic. Making robots learn to not be robots so that they trick robot detecting software. Son, ChatGPT will be able to do those captcha codes and will no longer needs humans for anything

  5. if this is the same person i’m thinking of, she posted another tiktok about how he the most supportive person she’s ever met. when people find only one person in a happy couple hot they feel like it gives them a license to say the most passive aggressive jealous and shallow shit. gross

  6. Yeah it's weird. I remember seeing some ivy league study where they said "ugly" people become more attrative the more you get to know them. These people could've started as friends and dude was an actual nice guy and she doesn't see the superficial things others do. I know my wife is out of my league but she's into me. But regardless, people need to chil the fuck out with their miserable single selves

  7. I totally get that some mods are assholes or just don't really give thought into banning people. I was banned from a wrestling sub for three days because I posted a wrestling take, someone responded super aggressively against it (as wrestling fans tend to do) and I told them nicely to just calm down and not take wrestling so seriously since it's just entertainment. I was banned for three days. I messaged the mods and the mod was basically like "yeah we have no idea why you were banned for this, the other guy was wrong." I was unbanned. So I get that some mods are wrong.

  8. I mod a To Catch a Predator sub, it's about the show, it's predators, and Chris hansen in general. I can't tell you how many people I've banned for doxxing people or trying to start witch hunts based on a text and they reply with "I guess you support pedophilia" and other bullshit. There's downplaying and there's taking it to the extreme when dealing with randos online 🤷‍♂️

  9. That final "needs to be financially stable cause I'm not" thing is exactly why that even if this God-tiered woman even existed (possible, but not probable), they wouldn't settle for OP

  10. Probably doesn’t know what communism and socialism is either

  11. Lol because corporate meetings take place IN a hotel bedroom and not the conference lobby?

  12. Most likely a combination of both.

  13. As we have seen time and time again, those are the channel that explode from virality of creators covering their outrage until they eventually make their "apologize and 'be abetter me'" video and proceed to still be rich and make tons of money despite the potential harm they did to children

  14. I'm 90% sure this was my city and it's a Lightrail, not a subway.

  15. The particular, “I’m gonna get you, Moraine!” thing always came off as misdirected anger that gets carried away in her interior thought life (internal thoughts do get carried away and overly extreme at times). And she’s been through some shit, so extreme gets fairy extreme.

  16. Keep in mind, she’s just gone through a MAJOR change in social level, to something she’s not at all used to. In Emond’s Field, she became Wisdom at a very young age, immediately catapulted to being essentially the authority there, and has lived like that for a while. Then she follows some of her people who were whisked away by an Aes Sedai and proceeds into a situation where she’s part of a small group, butting heads with another authority figure.

  17. The whole “bow with laughter” is a red flag “don’t look at my screen” move.

  18. Plot twist: she had all his friends added so they can plan a surprise party!

  19. Dude drifted ever so slightly, nowhere near you, and you think they tried to pit you.

  20. Okay, thought I was going crazy when I didn't see anything "~30 seconds" in

  21. True, and it's not just an Australian thing. One of the biggest things that have helped humans look younger longer is sunscreen (which protected our skin as children so we don't look 40 at 20), but also, and there isn't much data as to why, but genetically, we are, as a species, having our youth mature slower. There was obvious people who looked youthful in the past, and ragged looking today, but those were/are outliers compared to the grand picture of humanity

  22. Good, I'm tired of him running away every time a squirrel passes our fence

  23. Yup. And to piggyback off your comment, as a previous teenager-skateboarder at the turn of the century, how is this still a big deal so many years and skateparks later? Specifically, Karens/adults yelling at skaters, but especially in a skate park where they are not "destroying public property"?? Blows my mind

  24. There's a perception that the incidents we hear about are the tip of the iceberg and there are 10 times as many that the news don't report on. The reality is we hear about almost all of them. Coupled with the misperception it's common for people to think there are hundreds happening every day that we don't hear about.

  25. Also, the tracking is a recent thing so there could have been years (likely the 80-90s drug war shit) that could rival it but we just don't know about it because the government nor independent study groups just didn't track it

  26. Maybe, and hear me out here, maybe he actually is an attorney but 6 months ago, he lost his wife from cancer and decided to pursue his true passion: Uber driving.

  27. You know the people who would actually "win" the Purge are the corporate assholes who do inside trading the day of the purge

  28. A year or two back there was a $200k a year island sitting job. You lived on a private island and kept it clean. Al shit was paid for and you got $200k for chilling

  29. Wheel of Time. Fully fleshed out cultures spanning thousands of years, unique cultures, epic architecture and fashion descriptions. It's got it all

  30. Just started the books! 150 pages into book 2 and it's the first thing I've been immersed into since Harry Potter like 16 years ago

  31. You're still in the intro! Booke 3 the world really opens up. Im jealous of you reading it the first time, enjoy the journey!

  32. Yeah, that app got me, too: Why do you need to track where your husband is 24 hours a day? Already seems like there are some problems.

  33. I literally had never heard of that app until today. Been with my wife 10 years now. Granted, we stay home 98% of the time and I work from home so maybe that's a part of it, but we've also never had trouble communicating. I think if a relationship gets to the point of tracking apps, you should re-evaluate before proceeding

  34. Not my Spouse but my SO. She started acting weird but it was barely a noticeable difference, The only reason I found out was because by some god given miracle I happened to wake up around midnight and looked at her phone (she thought I was asleep) and saw a guys name pop up. At first I thought it was a coworker so I decided to brush it off but I just felt so deeply something was off.

  35. No need to let her sleep, she's apparently been sleeping around already

  36. One doesn't exactly "enjoy" Subnautica, we hide under a blanket and give ourselves pep talks in order to dive deeper in between long relaxing breaks in the shallows.

  37. I recently started playing that and decided to try creative. Fristly, if you hvaen't nearly beaten it, it's a bad idea because there's a shit ton of cool things that got spoiled for me. Anyway, I decided to dive as deep as possible until all there was was blackness. That was a terriblew idea for reasons I won't spoil but now, in normal m ode, I never leave the damn shallows

  38. If you were on Live Chat with Customer Care, I could see what you were typing before pressing send.

  39. This movie was so good. Super existential crisis vibe throughout. Think it's on Hulu

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