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  1. Yup, can’t afford to buy much atm but can’t pass up on this good dip, got myself 5 for now. If this lasts a while I’m back to buying baby!

  2. Anything helps, prob wont get this chance again!!!!!!

  3. Hickory Dickey Dock Kenny can suck my”XXXX” shares

  4. Sell shit, bought more it was a sale!!!!

  5. That barcode above your address is a USPS intelligent mail barcode. While it is masked a bit, I'm not entirely sure if information could be extracted from the visible parts or not. I'd recommend covering that barcode and reposting.

  6. Thanks, the joke will be on anybody that comes to my house though. Ramen noodles are the only thing they will find been spending all my money on GME 😜

  7. We've been through enough of these fights to know it's all just political theatre.

  8. I like to say they act like their fighting, when they are really Fuking and it’s us that they are Fuking

  9. When 2 branches of govt disagree and the 3rd branch is a corrupt cesspool. The first 2 branches depend on the 3rd branch to be an umpire, but the 3rd branch is too busy taking money from people with business before the court, extravagant vacations, free tires, paid-off credit cards, free tuition for their faux adopted kid, and book deal advances

  10. I disagree, all 3 branches are corrupt cesspools, doesn’t matter if they are republican or democrat they are all acting like they are fighting when in reality they are fucking and its us that they are fucking

  11. Let’s just put it this way both sides are corrupt thieves, so its more like Apes versus all politicians.

  12. Can we make one of these taunting pieces after moass?

  13. So tomorrow I will work on it, MOASS tomorrow!

  14. Who the fuck was the target audience of this anyway?

  15. Funny part is they thought that was going to scare us away, instead it just pissed us off into buying more

  16. I've been trying to buy this tshirt at my local store but never have it or in my size. I dont mind being a walking billboard for Gamestop.

  17. I’ve been checking for the last few months, first time they had my size ;) keep checking

  18. Jan 2021, Feb, March, Ape, May,June, July, August,September,Oct,Nov,Dec, Jane 2022, Feb,Mar,Ape,May,June,July,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec, Jan 2023, Feb, Mar,Ape

  19. If you go onto the New & Research tab click stocks then click Fidelity orders

  20. I couldn't log into fidelity most of the day ...good now tho 🤔🧐

  21. I was having troubles also with Fidelity Yesterday

  22. I bought more for the first time in a while. How can you not want to add more AMC at that price?

  23. I don't know if he gave up the location of any of it before they killed him. They were caught selling some of his guns.

  24. I say to them bring that shit to me JoBu

  25. To that I say, hold my beer and watch this Patrick

  26. Ask any coach how well it goes when you tell the other team they can’t win, almost a guaranteed win for the other team.

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