AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 870,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.26

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  1. Hasn't this been confirmed from the very start?

  2. Yeah, this was one of the first details that came out about it.

  3. I love how SRS posted what seems to be a modded WWE 2K game of MJF & wardlow in the game.

  4. This, mixed with Riccaboni saying it would be back soon, leads me to believe it'll be launched at the PPV.

  5. does trinity still work for wwe? i've lost track of what her and sasha's status is

  6. I don't know shit but her handle is still @NaomiWWE, so I went off of that.

  7. Been a rough on and off couple of years for her but she seems like a good person. Hope that she achieves whatever she wants to.

  8. Mox clearly smiling when Jake dropped the snake on him.

  9. I believe he said he was actually laughing there because the snake was taking a shit.

  10. Realistically, say you have no ability to move the time slot, how do you fix Rampage?

  11. God I love this. Congrats, thank you for sharing, and best of luck in your career and future!

  12. Thank you! As of right now this was probably my last match but who knows when and if I’ll get the itch again

  13. Brodie was the absolute man. I’m glad his friends are getting to still pay their respects and carry on his memory.

  14. Excited for him to be outnumbered only to have Big E’s music hit.

  15. Things just feel a bit empty, if I'm being honest. I miss the edge and grittiness of the earlier Dynamites. I don't even mean blood or taking shots at WWE or cursing. I just mean different video styles for backstage promos, trying things out of the box, stuff like that.

  16. I take it that you didn't actually watch this week then, because this week was full of weird segments.

  17. I haven’t missed an episode of Dynamite. We can have different opinions though. I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

  18. That is awesome. If there is anything we can take from this video it is that Snickers™ and 7/11™ really helped Dwayne "The Rock™" Johnson become the mega star he is today. I'm going to head to 7/11™ soon!

  19. Hello everyone - I am Bryan’s younger sister, Wendy. This thread was shared with us and I can not begin to express what it means to us to read all of these wonderful memories and kind words. Bryan truly was a gift - a bright light that was snuffed far too early. He was the smartest person I ever knew. His level of intelligence was incomprehensible. He really was a living computer. He was the kindest and most thoughtful person - always remembering small details that would end up having a huge impact. He spoiled us every Christmas with the best gifts and gadgets and was so joy-filled in doing so. I am so happy that he had all of you to share his passions with. His love of wrestling goes back well into his early childhood! I think our first WWF match we got to go to was back in 1989 or so. I hope that this community continues to thrive, as this is what would make him most happy! I don’t know if Bryan every shared this with the community, but we lost our mom to pancreatic cancer in 2014. I would always joke with our mom that he was the favorite in the family - so I rest a little bit easier knowing they are together. This is all too surreal - as we thought we had more time. We have services planned for my brother on December 9. I will carry your words with me always. I’m glad so many of you were able to experience the wonderful, generous, and funny nature of my brother. Thank you again 💜💜💜

  20. So sorry for the loss of your brother. While we only got to know a slice of his life, it's clear that he was exactly the type of person you mentioned. Just a kind soul that wanted nothing but the best for everyone. Thank you so, so much for sharing.

  21. You are all honoring Bryan in such a beautiful way. As a young child Bryan found his life source in the internet. Suffice to say we all marveled at the way he saw things then. Bryan sr shared this link with me. Never did I ever know the reach my nephew had in the world. As one of his aunts I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bryan’s mom died a few years ago and in the depth of looking for comfort we know that she was there waiting with open arms when he moved from this world to the next.

  22. We're all so glad that you guys are having a chance to see the positive impact he has had on us and the 600,000+ people that check this page out. Thankful we got to spend some time with him. Sending your family the best.

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