Want to know what everyone thinks about that. I'm not really knowledgeable on the subject so if anyone can tell me what's gonna happen i'll appreciate it.

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  1. Slow and steady, puff roughly every minute, eat before hand, don't be affraid to stop smoking its not worth getting sick, don't inhale the smoke, turn your cigar every so often to try to help keep the heat even for a nice burn, keep something with sugar nearby it will help with the nausea if you get any fruit is good if you want to go a healthy route, finally enjoy yourself and relax kick back have fun don't take it to seriously, ask for help cutting and lightning if you have experienced smokers around if not there are plenty of videos online to help. Welcome to the club.

  2. Great advice, I followed a lot of these pointers when I first got into it a few years ago lol.

  3. Big shout out to the true Lib Lefts who understand that the NYSRPA decision allowed the non-connected, non-rich, non-celebrity normal person in the May Issue states to have the same right to self-defense as their privileged counterparts.

  4. Much agreed. I'm a Lib Right, but I know many Lib Left are as pro 2A as any Lib-Righter out there, they just don't get enough credit for it.

  5. Can you explain to me what a liberal right winger is. Coming from a conservative libertarian

  6. Just responded to someone else about this, so I just copied and pasted my response lol:

  7. Guns are a losing issue for gun grabbers, the authoritarian left wingers on that sub are probably far more concerned issues with Roe v Wade then guns, TBH.

  8. That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re going, I think you’ll learn a lot about yourself on a spiritual level since you’ve started developing a relationship with the Anpu, Wepwawet, and Thoth.

  9. Just because the data isn’t rosy doesn’t mean it’s FUD. It’s just data, it has no bias. It’s still useful as a data point nonetheless.

  10. I should’ve been more specific, the title was a bit FUDDy.

  11. Law student here not lawyer yet. I read the opinion but didn’t see if it explicitly said strict scrutiny. Is this the case? Does issuance now need to be “narrowly tailored”? If so, would that do away with character references and them getting to make arbitrary decisions on apps due to mental health rather than deferring to mental health professionals?

  12. Second I'd love to know, we shouldn't need to provide character references.

  13. I'm not very well versed in paganism but I have been heavily involved in the Abrahamic religions. It just pisses me off that most doctrines of Abrahamic religions are authoritarian dispite the scriptures they use being libertarian.

  14. It's what happens when Man decides to bend the will of the divine for their own selfish means.

  15. Wow, good job. Not many people know that kind of information.

  16. The charter has already been approved, it's just a matter of when, really...

  17. Sorry that GME doesn't run on your schedule, give it time, there's a reason behind every move...

  18. Ended up purchasing a Riley Defense AK, it’s a solid rifle, though it gets some flack from the AK community due to issues the Gen 1 rifles had back when Riley first started making AKs.

  19. Used to be patriotic back when I considered myself a "Libertarian Conservative" (lol), now a days, I'd rather focus entirely on individuals rather then collective wholes like nation-states.

  20. Ah yes famously pro-controlling women’s bodies libertarians

  21. That's just sad they're so unhappy and angry that they constantly need someone to take that anger out on. Hopefully they snap out of it someday

  22. I feel sorry for people who live in constant fear, and hatred. That's not a good way to live, spiritually, physically, or mentally.

  23. Oh wow, this reminds me of the e-mails we've been getting a work encouraging us to enroll into the 401K plan out of no-wehere, even getting personalized e-mails from management about it.

  24. In today's episode of financial institutions telling me they need liquidity, without saying they need liquidity, my employer has been really, really pushy about 401Ks. We've gotten e-mails from our management, and upper management about enrolling into the company's 401K plans. If I didn't work for the company for as long as I have, I'd assume that nothing sus is going on, but given the fact that my company is in finance...

  25. So, great on paper but horrible in execution? What other collectivist system does that remind me of..?

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