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  1. They probably make fun of you because you want pee in your ass

  2. I have it marked on my calender already actually lmao. Altho i didn't do any for 2 weeks so I'm a wee bit behind

  3. Is this MattPat? Gosh I miss that guy, haven't been watching his stuff since he made I think it was movie theory. But he was a hoot and very educational to watch. But it's just a theory, a REDDIT THEORY. Thanks for reading!

  4. Bro that's actually the most autistic thing I've ever read bro 💀

  5. No not too much from this, i have improved a lot more with pushups since starting this though

  6. Nah i dont use instagram, u should totally start posting on yt tho, you'd get hella views n shit

  7. Aw damn, algorithm aint kind, just make the watermark even bigger so the reposts get u more attention

  8. Congratulations, you just spent maybe 2K dollars on equipment, food and supplements in order to get something that wont be effective in 90% of daily functions and altough will get you girls - it wont help you keep them if you're a dumbass

  9. Homie's never heard of doing things for yourself and your own happiness instead of for other people 💀

  10. I agree. Modding this sub has become a lot harder with the influx of racist little kids

  11. Thats why u should giv me mod :>>>>> (it would also be really fnuuy :>)

  12. Yeah this sub is actual doo doo fart, infected by rancid egelord pre-teens

  13. Yeah prolly coz the post is old or people just really dont care about any of this lmao

  14. Well you'd be dead in like 5 minutes or whatever, i mean like if u fall offna building or smthn u just die instantly but if u get like impaled by a tree or some goofy shit then yeah get fucked lol. Just carry a gun and off urself when u lose

  15. I would prob do like 210 daily in 4 sets of 35 to make it go faster

  16. Nah i tried two of em Motorollers and both them shits brokey in me, they flimsy like a Graham cracker

  17. A tip i have for you from gym bro to gym bro: take a single day off per week. Muscle growth requires them to actually have time to grow. Ig in the first few days you were decently exhausted, but then it just kinda stopped. That’s because the nerve signaling chemicals have accumulated in your arms, chest and stabilizing back, stripping the rest of your body from them. Because you still need your other muscles your body puts more signaling chemicals into them, which balances itself out. When you take a day off, your body redistributes and you will feel similar difficulty to the first day.

  18. Appreciate the advice lad, tbh i dont know if i understood most of that smart shit you said but as far as i can tell i feel pretty fine. I've been training calisthenics for the past 2 years so I've built good strength and expirence with pushups and honestly these set arent really intense enough to induce hypertrophy which is fine with me since muscle growth isn't really the goal, just something fun to do that people seem to like to see. I still do train pullups as well as the rest of my body with the workouts I was still doing before i started all this. But yeah with all that going on and begining to work a job again i still feel pretty ight, i do take take rest days on sundays for everything but the pushups so yeah.

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