1. Personally the art is kind of a turnoff to me. Saw a couple pages and didn’t like how angular it was and how little detail backgrounds had in scenes where characters were talking to each other one on one.

  2. For Doom I could actually see it. Sure Doom wants to rule the world, but that’s because he genuinely believes that he’d be the best person to run it and the world would be better off. This atrocity was just senseless violence and the pointless killing of innocents so Fisk and Doom would likely be affected. Magneto on the other hand wouldn’t give a two shits.

  3. Al Qaeda almost certainly also thinks that they’re the best people to run the world as well

  4. Pay your employees a fair wage like the rest of the damn world does

  5. Seems like an insecurity issue and that this guy feels threatened by other men. What’s more likely: these gymbros decide one day to sexually assault your girlfriend, or she leaves you for someone she likes more (or who isn’t so insecure)?

  6. I also have recently had some conflicted feelings about how people equate flags, an entire country, a people, etc. with the actions of officials or governments. That might not be the point here, but I still believe someone can love Russia and be proud of their heritage without condoning the actions of their officials.

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