1. Also, these all have the navel fairly prominently displayed. Hers showed through in many of her dresses, sometimes off-center, in fact. I don't recall mine ever showing through when I was expecting, not either time. Hers almost always was visible, which was more than a little off-putting. But on these fake bumps, they always make sure to include a prominent navel.

  2. Don't mean to yell. I can't stand her. I had a bad week and been getting harassed all day. I'm a victim of identity theft. They are attacking me. It is awful.

  3. Thank you. They are calling. I can't think straight. Need new everything. New phone, email, new phone number, reset computer. Blah, blah. I'm okay. Have support but feel stupid.

  4. I’m glad you have support and don’t feel stupid. It’s an overwhelming situation and I wish you much luck getting thru this.

  5. My favorite will always be the USO show. This was before anyone had to pretend to be deferential to her and the true feelings of the performers were front and center for all to see. It’s so bad that it’s almost hard to watch…almost.

  6. I will never forget one engagement where the senior royals were on one balcony, and Meghan is on the 2nd balcony with the minor royals and she looked PISSED!

  7. I think the formatting failed. Please resubmit. I'm interested!

  8. One way to ask this nicely is “I’ve never heard that Diana had BPD, do you have any links?” Maybe try that and you’ll get answers.

  9. “Unfortunately, stories about wedding-tiara drama never elicit much sympathy from regular readers. This is called the “Oh, boo-hoo, are your diamond shoes too tight?” principle. Want to get the audience on your side? Save a cat.”

  10. Maybe because I’m older, but I remember the NYT’s has had many, many scandals over the years. Especially egregious was trying to bury the severity of the Holocaust. Have never trusted that paper and never read it and I worked as a journalist too. Most news has an agenda that has to be questioned. It can take many years for the truth to come out.

  11. Didn't the NYT have a journalist who won a Pulitzer and was later accused of fabricating the story?

  12. TW should turn into a giant pork pie after all the porkie pies that come out of her mouth.

  13. He's starting to look like the guy who markets himself as the Human Ken Doll

  14. Regarding the difficulty of heating castles and old houses, I enjoy several Golden Age detective novelists, and references to how hard it is to heat old houses are frequent. In particular, the Patricia Wentworth “Miss Silver” novels have many references to Miss Silver being prepared for chilly indoors when she is working on a case in an old manor.

  15. Have you read any of the “Her Royal Spyness” novels by Rhys Bowen? About a penniless relative to the King in the 1930’s who solves mysteries. Fun, light reading. She was raised in a damp, cold castle in Scotland.

  16. Yes, they are lots of fun. Her picture of Queen Mary is amusing.

  17. The one I remember from early on is the white shirt, sunglasses tucked inside with hands on hips.

  18. Her son August is 12th in line to the throne with her new arrival in 13th place.

  19. Why not use which will archive the article so the news site doesn’t get clicks. Bonus is also bypasses paywalls.

  20. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. I know his formal name is Henry and his nickname is Harry. Also that William would call him Harold as a nickname/joke.

  21. My Costco had 48 books last Saturday and 14 left this week. Not sure if that’s good or bad sales numbers but thousands shop there weekly.

  22. The problem isn't that she was of age and allegedly engaged in consentual sex for money. It's that she "allegedy" recruited underage girls. But nobody's hauled thatevidence out yet.

  23. But Bower has gone off the rails entirely. He’s talking about William’s supposed affair, predicting the end of the monarchy if William doesn’t have a press conference and public brawl with his brother. Lately, he’s after accusing Doria of drug dealing and possibly supplying to Harold; dropping hints about her long absence. The man is asking for a lawsuit. You don’t put yourself on Talk TV to accuse people of things you can’t, or won’t prove. And dragging that lie about William out; I’ve lost all respect for the man.

  24. Oh that’s too bad, haven’t kept up with his latest appearances on TV so that’s news to me.

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