1. F21 feel free to DM me if you have any questions or curiosities

  2. UK, 21 transgirl, I'm shy and submissive, and I love fattening myself and getting dumber, would love to do some horny chatting but anything else is also fine

  3. God I wish my girl cock could cum that much

  4. Oh hehe covering your face with that much cum be so hot

  5. God I wanna fill up someone's stomach with ropes of cum just like that 😫

  6. God I wish I had someone filling up my stomach with ropes of cum😩

  7. Gosh why no one filling me up that much, I need so badly

  8. That sounds really interesting would love to know more

  9. I know this is an old post but this is the exact sort of thing I needed to see, I'm in pretty much the same situation

  10. Oh I would love that I want them each to take a turn breaking me 🥵

  11. Can someone please do that to me I would love it

  12. I will do it anyway you want just fill me up

  13. Oh I'm not sure my throat can handle so much 🥵

  14. Oh I would gladly suck for as long as they needed me

  15. Wow that's amazing to hear keep getting bigger and having fun ☺️

  16. Oh nice no such thing as getting too big 😊

  17. Oh I love that idea wish someone would do that to me without me knowing

  18. I didn't realise that was the same top in both images just oh my 😳

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