1. But a $500 gun that will break and run like shit is affordable? If someone wants to play the semi-auto shotgun game they have to pay the admission.

  2. My old 1897 is still going strong and throwing people on their asses.

  3. Find you an old 1897, cut the barrel down to 20”, and get you a heat shroud and bayonet lug

  4. I kind of dig the pieced together, “fuck it we ball”apocalypse parts, vibe.

  5. Amazon optics are too high price for this build

  6. I was told I have to spend as much on optics as I do the whole build. 😭

  7. Pretty sure it’s not confirmed to be Yuri, the fandom took that idea and ran with it like ships usually do.

  8. Wasn’t Springfield going through a stint of questionable QA practices/ checks that caused people to be less than satisfied with their product?

  9. I’ve got a sleeping bag, passive fishing kit, sewing kit, water bladder, water filtration, emergency ration bars, a tarp, paracord, rappel gear, hatchet, kukri, bushcraft knife + ammo and weapon

  10. Are you that prepared for zombies? Do you believe it might happen?

  11. Not zombies, but my hobbies are bushcrafting, hiking, camping, sometimes indoor rock climbing, I like tactical stuff and firearms and have an obligation to stay in shape

  12. The one interaction I’ve had with the insurgency fanbase was a dude sending me a message apologizing because his mag ran empty when trying to kill the suicide bomber that blew up the two of us.

  13. Weird, wonder what she uses to measure with? Think it’s the gap between eye to eye that determines whether it’s a keeper?

  14. 50-100m - is something you’re likely going to have to confront if you can’t move/can’t stay hidden.

  15. This was a pretty fun anime to watch. 100% recommend if you’re in a show hole

  16. Um-hm… well there’s two random thoughts put together 😂You likely know absolutely nothing about firearms or the skill needed to use them properly to evaluate a persons shooting ability. Further, you likely have no doctorate or any medical training to diagnose gender dysmorphic issues. 😬 I think I’ll simply disregard your comment 👍🏼

  17. Get a mosin, it’s one of the rifles you can count on never being banned.

  18. How is the feel of using the mk2 in conjunction with a war belt? I know it’s in the chonky side but does it interfere with drawing a pistol or spare mags from the belt?

  19. Mk2 feels great, just converted it into the plate carrier using the trooper back plate. Rigged my kydex Kukri sheathe to back, and it fits great with the backpack I wear.

  20. Lycoris and Lilly bell are secret child soldiers used to obfuscate and skirt around law and order.

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