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  1. On a second thought I wonder why are UTA people giving out admits like hell? I've seen grads who can't maintain a 3.0 for just one semester.

  2. I take a great amount of pride in my abilities and if someone tried to make me feel like I was just some machine they had to break out when the task was too hard for them, I'd let them know they can be a bit more respectful and to not ask for me again. Another nurse with respect to my abilities can ask for my assistance in their place.

  3. You should’ve taken the hospital job, they pay more for phlebotomy plus you get extra money depending on which shift you work. I would start looking for a phleb job if I were you, they are using you and should be paying more.

  4. Same- you’re not an ma or lvn, hospital phlebotomy is phlebotomy, just be certified and Bls cpr certified- hospital is also better for MA/lvn if u like changing bed pans I guess (😂jk we need y’all)

  5. These “friends” apologized immediately after, but in a way that they think what they’ve said is true, I am someone who prefers to be alone, but when I’m alone I want to be with people, I look for what that person may provide for me and when they provide adequately(social, monetarily, sexual relationships) we are friends, I believe I think it sick to think the same about my family, but find myself asking family for money frequently, medicated for depression and panic attack “with exams”

  6. so sorry but i gotta say, coins arnt printed. it is nice though. edit why you do down vote me?

  7. Idk who downvoted, but lmao ye I was debating print or mint, still new w tha terminology

  8. thank you. I just find it all ironic considering how the manifest destiny idea impacted and decimated Native American culture. but yes, let make it up to them by putting them on coin.

  9. How would history have unfolded if Bobby and John hadn't been murdered. Guess we will never know.

  10. Robert Kennedy was never president, his older brother John F. Kennedy was president. Robert served in his brother's administration as US Attorney General.

  11. Ayo specific timestamps por favor 💀 I am not trying to watch even a half hour of this nasty cunt arguing anything, does she do anything crazy?

  12. I also have a state quarter map! First coin collecting for me very young, have a box of coins in sleeves that I must go through for the first time in forever

  13. Rule 1: collect what you want to collect! Rule 2: don’t get jealous of others, there’s always a nicer looking coin. Rule 3: remember to have fun!

  14. Thank you! That’s my personal issue, spending shit tons to have the best, I’ll need to humble down for this hobby, also start getting educated

  15. Hospital phleb here. On IVs, I wonder if there’s a certification through our jobs or similar that would/could allow it. I’ve done IV in office for years and would love to help in the hospital setting.

  16. Same, it isn’t anything too crazy off normal venipuncture like 4 extra steps, and what made me rlly think about this was the plasma phlebotomists, I was one for a year starting out, and it never made sense to me to leave a 16g needle sitting in someone’s arm, maybe flow rate for that setting.

  17. It has a S mint mark, and the main thing, I don’t think the patina is as it was, wings on eagle are high key worn- it was sold to me as an errored coin, but I think that was a scam line (I saved up money when I was 10 and saw the coin at an antique shop in the locked display case was sold for $74 in 2008)

  18. Oi! That bloke was ran ova by a lorry, someone call the bobby, quite schewpid innit?

  19. And went back in for a rifle because he didn't kill them with the pistol. According to the story this feud has a bit of history and they had been fucking with him for a while. The husband actually had a pistol of his own and had said something earlier to him. I just seen the episode of "Fear Thy Neighbor" they had on these people.

  20. i was under the impression flight week is mainly for freshman

  21. There is a group made up of transfer students, you have kinda a temp “RA” that takes you to activities, I could’ve sworn it was required, if not you should look into it

  22. How about you stop being a hypocrite and admit you’re only her friend because you want her.

  23. So personally, as a young conservative I can understand why you might think this way. Although, conservative platforms are different from neo-nazi's (I assume that's what you meant by nazi, if it isn't then I apologize, same point will be made though) and alt-right platforms. Not every conservative, especially young conservatives, are very open to a discussion/ debate with the opposing view, and personally I think this is something that all viewpoints need to work on if any mutual understanding is to come of each viewpoint. I do not like the fact that Younger, based off what the article said (but then again can't really trust anything these days), egged on the protesters shouting "Come on, communists. Let's go commies." That is uncalled for and only further escalated tensions, it also didn't paint him in a great light with other people unrelated to the whole scenario. I do think there was misinformation on BOTH viewpoints present. I don't think he was necessarily inciting violence by saying the things he said, but also the general reason he had a platform to speak there. We can argue all day about basic human rights, but in no circumstance should anyone ever undermine anyone's right to speak their mind on certain topics. I don't 100% agree with most of my platforms viewpoints, and I think some of their viewpoints are bigoted and outdated as well as dangerous to have nowadays. I think the same with other viewpoints as well: I don't 100% agree with most of the platforms viewpoints and I do think some are hypocritical and over the top extreme. But that doesn't mean I should deny the opposing views right to speak about their values and beliefs. I support protesting as well - to an extent. The protesting seen in this video honestly incites violence more so than the reason the speaker was there in the first place (even though I don't see how giving their personal opinion is somehow suggesting violence in any way, suggesting violence by speaking of their opinion would be like Younger saying something like: 'We should go rampage a pride event/ trans activism event' which honestly is the opposite of what he was doing). The suicide rates of people who transition from their gender assigned at birth to the opposite gender are higher than the general population, which is concerning and shocking. Either view can argue the reasoning for the sky-high rates but the fact of the matter is: it's alarming and should be stopped. Obviously every person is going to have a different opinion on how to solve it, the reasoning as to why it is happening too often and (mostly) so young, but crises like these aren't solved by screaming "F*ck you" at the speaker and flipping him off as well (that's actually inciting violence), but also saying the things that Younger shouted: accusing the protestors of being communists and egging them on by saying "Let's go commies". While it might not incite violence, it still generates tension, especially with two polar opposite viewpoints/ beliefs/ values in the same room. I would like to bring your attention to what was drawn on the white board that was shown in the video that was taken (there is a video of a snippet of the protest and Younger, it's in this same reddit community as well as other reddit communities, I would recommend watching it for some context and insight), which was the sickle and hammer of the Soviet-Era communist party flag of Soviet Russia. That symbol could have meant something else, but generally, when I or other people see that symbol being used the brain immediately goes to Soviet Russia and communism. I would assume that that was why Younger was making remarks like that. I haven't read the article from the Dallas Morning News, but I would wager that they failed to mention the sickle and hammer symbol on the white board, along with other protestors basically guarding it like hounds, and how that could have given cause for Younger to say the things he said to the protestors. Shedding light on the general question of why young conservatives are allowed at UNT (I apologize if this is a bit of a lengthy comment, there is just a lot to unpack and consider regarding this scenario), I would say that they are allowed there because it is a fundamental right to have their own opinion. But also because no one should have to submit to someone else just because they believe that their viewpoint is correct, morally/ socially/ politically correct, and that the person who is believed to HAVE to submit is a bigot simply because they don't think the same way. Not one person out of any population anywhere is going to have the exact same mindset/ values on everything as you, a politician, a bus driver, a doctor, or even a general laborer. The idea that one political standpoint is wrong and the other one is right (or vice versa) is a tale as old as time. It's happened everywhere with everything and every situation. Censorship is not fruitful or useful for either standpoint. Doesn't matter what it is about. If it were a more leftist leaning ideological speaker and conservative protestors were screaming and being violent with everything besides physicality, I would make the same point with different references to who the speaker is and the matter with which the speaker was there to speak about. I respect the fact that the protesting students stood up for what they believe in and took advantage of their right as a citizen, but more so as a student wanting to learn and gain knowledge. I do not respect the lengths they went to "get their point across" and quite honestly, I'm surprised that there are not more young conservatives promoting civil sit downs and calm, collected debates where either standpoint gives their stance and then both talk about it calmly, maturely, and within reasonable means. BOTH viewpoints in this situation were immature and embarrassing, as both of these viewpoints are now what people feel (that are unrelated to the situation) are how either one act/ react to opposition and when faced with a view that rivals their own. This is not how I would like my platform to be represented, and with the way Younger acted towards the protestors, those are definitely not the type of people I would like to see invited to speak to the young conservative population on UNT campus. I imagine you and others in your ideological platform feel the same way - the protestors went a little too far and that's not how justice is going to be put in motion, and it's definitely not how you would like your platform to be represented on a matter everyone should be serious about. I do hope that the long read wasn't eye straining, I apologize if it was. I also hope that in the near future there can be events like Younger speaking, except with a different speaker and actual collaboration between each opposing viewpoints. Like an organized debate period and time set aside for actual conversation amongst the attendees without violence and within an area where everyone regardless of viewpoint feels safe to share their opinions without being called names or feeling like their opinion is invalidated - which should NEVER happen to ANYONE. I would also like to point out to my fellow young conservatives that may not agree with me 100%: how can we demand our view be respected and taken seriously, and maybe even taken into consideration, if we point fingers and call names just as we point out they do to us, if we also come at them as aggressive or bitter, but then the second they do the same we label them as "libtards" or "commies" (a lot of them aren't even sympathetic to the communist regime, it's also just blatantly disrespectful and hypocritical for us to do the same thing they do to us and then have the nerve to complain and get even angrier when they complain). If any understanding is to take place at any time in the near (almost unforeseeable) future, then there really does need to be true collaboration.

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