1. I didn’t start getting semi consistent 3s until around 85 mining.

  2. Weird I have 105 herbalism yet I still didn't get one 3s

  3. I’m sure you do, but just in case. Do you have 3 pieces equipped?

  4. Yes, but it seems herbalism is different since even in AH 3's seems really rare

  5. cus they want to attract old players or new players by giving them the best pack luck possible.

  6. We defintely think the same way about this. EA is a company that knows how to make money, and it goes with that kind of tricks.

  7. Just tell me some numbers so I could try winning the lottery for once

  8. It's funny cause I also thought about playing lottery after this.

  9. Qualified answer: Playing with memory is a tricky thing, seeing as how memories are fairly subjective to begin with. As I understand hypnosis, it doesn't actually make you forget anything; it can just be used to temporarily block certain bits of information. Bottom line, they are still there. One thing you can do is to teach your mind to deflect the memory (have the mind go on to something else right then), or to lessen the importance of the memory (ability to dismiss it).

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