1. Eat first and have a berocca B vitamin then the next morning have a hydrolyte drink

  2. It’s quiet and peaceful. Everyone else is asleep so you get some alone time.

  3. I went to normal GP referred to a specialist in Sunnybank hills. The Dr said he’s very good.

  4. Yeah ask in case the dog is nippy etc. I got a bull terrier he loves attention and you are welcome to pat him.

  5. Go Fuk off u Karen Unaustralian means we don’t dob on people for minor offences. Then publicly show their faces on this platform. You POS posting pictures of peoples faces. Wtf did she do so wrong that you public shame her? That’s a question

  6. Old 80’s 90’s Birthday Party The Triffids The Scientists Severed Heads Nick Cave Hard-Ons The Radiators* Powder Monkeys The Saints

  7. Training salespeople to be robots instead of trusting the employees to make the sale themselves

  8. What a normal suburb but 20 years ago. Ffs why do we have to cookie cut houses then put them nearly on top of each other.

  9. No this is perfect. But these days in Brisbane no backyard, no access to one side of the house and 3 metres or less to neighbours

  10. As soon as she writes me my reference and I'm out I'll make a seperate post about the horrors of this apartment complex with a name and shame.

  11. Let’s see how many of the dumbest people on earth we can get to congregate together in one place

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