1. your lymph nodes are swollen. this usually means your body is fighting some sort of illness. if they're doing a good job hopefully your not sick and the swelling will go down within a week or so.

  2. Please go see a dermatologist. This looks like a pretty advanced case of cystic acne (I had it on my face for years). Also, Accutane is a LAST RESORT. Please don't do it unless you absolutely have to. The side effects can be brutal. Also, wash your bedding frequently. Wash your workout clothing immediately after the gym & sanitize any gear you use daily. Pain in the ass I know but if you're treating the acne & using filthy gear or clothes it defeats the purpose. Good luck.

  3. to add onto this athletic material clothing wreaked havoc on my bacne. cotton shirts were a necessity! go to a derm and get a antibacterial body wash too, it helped me a lot. i did end up needing accutane but a lot of people get it under control without that. also i'm being a hypocrite saying this but don't pick!

  4. on wayfair you definitely need to read reviews and look at customer pictures. look at what materials are used and dimensions as well. in terms of the couch i think you meant to say $1700 in which case that is quite cheap for a couch and i personally would expect high quality and comfort for that price, especially since sofa beds tend to be notoriously uncomfortable in my experience (unless they're big squishy vintage ones). they're definitely happy to help though if you're not satisfied by the products so if your bed frame is faulty tell them and they'll probably send you a new one. there's really no excuse for the dirty rug and bad bed frame. my only advice is do a lot of research when trying to find affordable products, ikea tends to do it best.

  5. i hope maxis ends up going with an animation style that is like the sims 4 but a little updated. the project renee graphics are scary bad, i know they're early on but if they try going realistic again like they did in sims 3 i think it'll age really badly (don't get me wrong i love the sims 3 but it's not exactly timeless in style)

  6. i was had been riding for 5 years when i switched barns and i was a pretty good rider winning quite a bit in the show ring. when i switched barns there were SO many corrections to make me ride in my new trainers style, it felt awful because it seemed like i was an awful rider. the barn switch definitely made me a worse rider, but sometimes that change can be for the better and help you grow and become a stronger rider. i've now taken a two year break from riding (life got busy) and hope to go back to riding next year at a new barn, hopefully as a blank slate so i can become an even better rider than before.

  7. i'm 21 and my under eyes have looked like this since i was like 10. i've thought about filler too (i liked the way my under eyes looked when i gained weight and they were nice and smooth) but the risks seem to outweigh the potential reward. i think it's something not worth trying to change, try to embrace it instead!

  8. Same! I have photos from middle school and high school and they looked extra bad because I had an ED. They’re not super bad now but if I had a bad day of sleep, they’re such a deep purple.

  9. my pet peeve with them is just fact that no matter how much concealer i use my under eyes are never bright! it's always a purple shadow.

  10. i agree with romantic, your shoulders are quite soft and your curves are the dominant feature. i think the outfit with the yellow top and orangey pants as well as the dress with the cutout shoulders look particularly good on you. i think you benefit from shirts / pants waist hitting at your natural waist as opposed to the longer shirts. i think you could potentially be SC too but from the pictures here i lean more towards romantic!

  11. When the bruins are not on NESN i get so sad because jack and brick are my favorites! usually i zone out commentators but they make hockey so fun! as someone who's loved hockey but never played it they've always made it exciting yet educational. i also love how they're a little bit biased (go bruins!) any hate is completely unwarranted because jack and brick are quite simply the best.

  12. it actually makes okay sense to me. the second toilet is just a half bath i think through the utility room. if they're building it fresh i think this floorplan could be better but it seems like a typical old home layout

  13. pride night was a way to bring acceptance into the hockey community, religion should not play a part in being unaccepting of others. almost all religions teach god loves all, which includes members of the lgbtq+ community. it's the people who practice these religions who create hateful agendas. while provorov didn't say anything inherently homophobic his actions show that it is something he shuns. this is not a political issue or a religious issue, people in the lgbtq+ community simply want to live their lives loving who they love and being who they they want to be, much like cis straight people. the lgbtq+ community is not any more sexual than the teenage christians banging each other raw and getting pregnant, or any more of a sin than these players having premarital sex or living together with their partner before marriage. i consider myself catholic but do not accept the hateful, conservative and misogynistic agendas it may push. his actions and the responses they have gained supporting homophobia and transphobia are 100% unacceptable and quite frankly disgusting.

  14. She jumped 3 strand barbed wire fences and I found her in a pen of stallions on another property 😂

  15. my horse got tangled in a wire fence as a foal and has some similar scars. i'm glad your girl healed up okay!

  16. do you mind me asking what area of the country this is in? in all my old house hunting i've never seen trim like this in my area. it is stunning!!!

  17. Also the reason why I as R love to wear chunky shoes, her feet in the flats look so small like she's gonna fall because of her tiny feet. (So do I)

  18. i am not an R but i have the same issue. my feet look like tiny hooves in shoes that aren't chunky.

  19. Brad has sneaky been one of the best players in hockey the past 10 years. Unfortunately he is always talked about as a rat (don’t get me wrong he totally is) and not a superstar.

  20. i call him the rat lovingly! i admire him a lot and know that the bruins are always in good hands when he's on the ice. he has a temper but that's just what helps to drive him to play as hard as he can. he seems like a great guy off the ice, and is most definitely a superstar.

  21. Cottontails cannot breed with domestic rabbits. They are completely different species.

  22. at least not outside of europe. i actually didn't know that though, i guess we just must have a big family of cottontails with exceptionally small ears and big heads.

  23. Cottontails are an American species. The wild rabbits in Europe are either hares or the same species as domestic rabbits, which is why wild mixes are possible there.

  24. yup! that's why i said they can't breed outside of europe. i'm in the US, hence why i said we must just have cottontails with big heads and small ears in my area giving them a bit of a domestic look.

  25. I know this is off topic but they did an early screening of that movie (Babylon) at our local theatre and it was like literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s the only movie I’ve ever walked out of

  26. funny enough she was in the only movie i've ever walked out of too, once upon a time in hollywood.

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