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  1. Chill y’all. The mods volunteer their time and this one is getting shit on a lot lately. If you want to mod, contact Dr eyeball.

  2. How much time does it take to change to sort by new, and to fuk it up everyday is sus. Meanwhile, hes super active on the discord.

  3. ugghhhh, we've been holding so hard at +4% then got dipped -5% .... now sitting at -2% while GME is rocket ...

  4. Its 2023. Keep the market open 24 hrs. Enough of these shenanigans

  5. U/quaeratioest needs to be slapped for making sort by new all day

  6. Afterhouse seems stuck the last 7 mins. seems odd...

  7. After 2 years I finally bought a gamestop hoodie and now wouldnt you know it just my luck turtlenecks are in

  8. It was on his stories. Just him in first person walking down a hotel hallway with the goldeneye music playing. He went through a door that said stairs


  10. Ty. Still needs context. Also AI voice manipulation exists, so not exactly proof. Not saying he is innocent, just innocent til proven guilty. But please downvote me

  11. Lmao! If he's convicted what are you gonna say next, that it's his AI clone and not the actual Tate that did the crimes?

  12. Pretty crazy this RSA stuff happens on the same day as all those weird halts in the morning.

  13. Lmao they will release me after 20 minutes. "Hey wait guys, I was just getting to the good part"!

  14. Because they delisted options apparently, as he just said lol

  15. 741. Bbby $3 a share. 7x3 = $21 gme a share. Right now bbby at 3 and gme at 21.80 🚀. (Not betting the house on this...)

  16. Fuck ‘em bought 6000 more. I will say however I think the window for it potentially reaching double digits again, if at all, will not last very long. I mean let’s be serious here, this stock will eventually go to 0

  17. I bet if gme halts, bbby will run and vice versa. Just like last time

  18. I am not qualified to discuss any of this, but my dad, who is qualified, tells me to look up real estate tax code 1031

  19. I cant im sorry it was so many months ago. I think it was on twitter. Mightve been Shrike or Tanashi...

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