1. I normally dont get on till 2am or else I'd hit you guys up

  2. I dont play crucible very often and if I get a message like this after a bad game I try and have a lil fun with them. Then after I've had my fun i tell them to go to be cuz they're grumpy and if they reply again i just say " I SAID GO TO BED! " that normally ends the convo.

  3. Saves animals from traps she set up tho, it's the least she could do.

  4. Using a still from a show about a world ending pandemic... should have used Walker Texas Ranger.

  5. That's a good idea. Been at this 20 days today. Literally - my first soc media and meme was 20 days ago today. I'm really trying

  6. Shitty, I spent like 5 bucks and got the crane outfit, claws and the monocle.

  7. Jesus dude just had a question and you're all like "rEaD MoRe sTuPiD"

  8. Not gay but seeing deku getting bent over makes me think.

  9. It’s 100% true, you can’t stay asleep with a patch on. I’ve never had such crazy dreams, the closest I’ve had to it would be having Seroquel before bed.

  10. Still have mine months later. Haven't dismantled it just in case I needed it for something else.. and it take a a long time to dismantle making me think it might be important lol.. I have completed the quest and have the exotic grenade launcher so idk. Maybe you figured out if I should just dismantle it or not.

  11. If I come across a shiny I just ask "what would Bill Cosby do?" and put that bitch to sleep

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