1. Yeah you'll receive the money on the new account. But if you made the change close to 15th of the given month payment might be delayed until the next month.

  2. Here's the product link if you are interested. and also don't forget to checkout the store...!!!

  3. Yeah mine to. Zooming out the web page works. But only sometimes

  4. not to be a killjoy or anytthing, but isn‘t it kinda not so great to make profit with somebody else‘s „invention“? i mean alice came up with heartstopper and everything surrounding it, but they don‘t get any profit from this. (this is not a personal attack, i generally disapprove of this, it happens frequently)

  5. No I understand what what you are saying. But I'm also a huge heartstopper fan and I loved this leaf design and search for a phone case featuring it on the internet. but couldn't find something interesting to me so I decided to make one of my own.

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